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Restoring automobiles as a surprise for their owners. 

Chip Foose

Chip Foose (Host), Christopher Jacobs (Host), Arianny Celeste (Host), Lenny Shabes (Executive Producer), Chip Foose (Executive Producer), Jessi Combs (Host), Adrienne Janic (Host)

12:00 PM
"Cathlene's 1970 Plymouth Barracuda"  Chip and the A-Team work on a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda that a nurse bought from her grandmother nearly 25 years earlier.  (Repeat) VEL
12:00 PM
"James' 1968 Mercury Cougar"  Chip and the A-Team step in when a man is unable to turn his beloved 1968 Mercury Cougar into the car of his dreams.  (Repeat) VEL
06:00 PM
"Vera's 1962 Porsche 356"  A man hopes that Chip and the A-Team can work their magic and give new life to his wife's 1962 Porsche 356.  (Repeat) VEL
06:00 PM
"Jim's 1965 Sunbeam Tiger"  Chip and the A-Team are called upon to give new life to a high-school automotive repair teacher's prized Sunbeam Tiger.  (Repeat) VEL
06:00 PM
"Tony's 1966 A100 Van"  Chip gets a hold of a hockey fanatic's Dodge A100 and hopes to turn the old van into a vehicle fit for the racetrack.  (Repeat) VEL

A team of ace mechanics and designers transforms mundane or even junky autos into unique custom cars under the watchful eye of auto design legend Chip Foose. After a creative ruse gets each car into the shop, the work is done unbeknown to the cars' owners, deserving folks such as returning veterans or people who are down on their luck, and each episode concludes with a surprise unveiling of the revamped ride. ``Overhaulin'' debuted on TLC in 2004 and ran for five seasons, then re-emerged with new episodes on Velocity in 2012. Chris Jacobs and model Arianny Celeste co-host.

Current cast
Chip Foose Christopher Jacobs Arianny Celeste

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