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House Crashers

"Swanky Party Room"

A hilltop Los Angeles home is gets a sumptuous party room that takes advantage of the home's panoramic views of the valley.  (Repeat)

Thu 8/6 4:00 PM  DIY
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-G
Reality, Home and Garden, Home Improvement, How To, Interests, Educational

Josh Temple (Host)

08:30 AM
"Nautical Family Room"  An outdated family room with an awkward layout gets a sleek makeover.  (Repeat) DIY
09:00 AM
"Contemporary Kitchen"  New homeowners want to update their kitchen to reflect their modern taste.  (Repeat) DIY
09:30 AM
"Phoenix Bar Lounge"  Bartenders get their dream bar lounge complete with custom cabinetry and a bi-fold window that opens out to a pass-through bar.  (Repeat) DIY
10:00 AM
"Stacked Book Bar"  A house is in need of both a new kitchen and living room.  (Repeat) DIY
10:30 AM
"New Orleans Master Retreat"  A couple's large and long bedroom gets a renovation with plenty of storage.  (Repeat) DIY
11:00 AM
"Parlor Panache"  A living room and dining area are transitioned into two sophisticated areas.  (Repeat) DIY
11:30 AM
"Factory Glam Kitchen"  A tiny and outdated kitchen is completely made over into a vintage and glamorous space.  (Repeat) DIY
12:00 PM
"Bungalow Kitchen"  A stark and dated galley kitchen is turned into a culinary paradise.  (Repeat) DIY
12:30 PM
"Atlanta Bar Basement"  A cold and dark basement is transformed into the ultimate wine bar.  (Repeat) DIY
01:00 PM
"Atlanta's Nightclub Garage"  The lower floor of a home is renovated to make room for a large band to practice.  (Repeat) DIY
House Crashers

Bringing the ambush makeover theme of ``Yard Crashers'' inside, this series features host and contractor Josh Temple wandering a home improvement store for unsuspecting weekend warriors and persuading them to let him and his crew renovate a room in their home. A few days later the stunned homeowners are presented with a dramatic makeover. It's like winning the remodeling lottery!

Current cast
Josh Temple

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