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12:30 AM
"I'm With the Band"  Johnny Revere records a benefit song in Cleveland; Melanie tracks a musical idol; Elka seeks a lock of a singer's hair for her charity; Joy chases her fantasy of being a rock star.  (Repeat) NICJR
12:30 AM
"Lost Loves"  The ladies decide to track down their lost loves, including the man who left Joy at the altar.  (Repeat) NICJR
12:30 AM
"Tangled Web"  The ladies escape to a lake house after Victoria sets loose a poisonous spider; Melanie finds out her new love interest is actually Joy's former fiancĂ©.  (Repeat) NICJR
Hot in Cleveland

When their plane has trouble while on a flight to Paris, three glamorous LA women find themselves in a completely new and unexpected place. Feeling the need for a girls-only, once-in-a-lifetime trip, Melanie cashes in her airline miles to finance a trip to the city of light for herself and her two best friends, Joy and Victoria, all ``of a certain age'' and feeling less than desirable. They never make it to Paris, though -- when the stricken plane lands in Cleveland, the women suddenly find they're popular with the men there. Realizing that while they may be lukewarm in LA, they're hot in Cleveland, the women decide to relocate. They immediately fall in love with their rental house. It takes a little longer, however, for them to warm up to the house's longtime caretaker (Betty White).

Current cast
Valerie Bertinelli as Melanie Moretti
Betty White as Elka Ostrovsky
Wendie Malick as Victoria Chase
Jane Leeves as Joy Scroggs

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