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Sullivan & Son

A successful attorney returns to his home town just as his parents are preparing to sell their bar. 

Steve Byrne, Dan Lauria, Jodi Long, Vivian Bang, Owen Benjamin, Valerie Azlynn, Christine Ebersole, Brian Doyle-murray, Roy Wood jr., Ahmed Ahmed, Billy Gardell, Frank Caliendo

Vince Vaughn (Executive Producer), Peter Billingsley (Executive Producer), Rob Long (Executive Producer), Peter Billingsley (Director), Shelly Gossman (Writer), Rob Schiller (Director), F.j. Pratt (Writer), Dan Cohen (Writer), Walt Becker (Director), Mark Cendrowski (Director), Brenda Hsueh (Writer), Howard Morris (Writer), Gil Junger (Director), John Whitesell (Director), Tim Fall (Writer)

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Sullivan & Son

It takes but one visit by Steve Sullivan back to the ``town hall,'' the legendary bar in a working-class Pittsburgh neighborhood, for the successful New York attorney to realize what he's been missing. This ``Cheers''-style workplace comedy stars comic Steve Byrne as Sullivan, who returns home and stops by his family-owned bar just as his father and mother are preparing to sell it. After reuniting with his best friend, Owen; his sister, Susan; barfly Hank; and his former girlfriend Melanie, Steve believes his path to happiness involves taking over the bar and renaming it Sullivan & Son, even at the expense of his lucrative Manhattan lifestyle.

Current cast
Steve Byrne as Steve Sullivan
Dan Lauria as Jack Sullivan
Jodi Long as Ok Cha Sullivan
Vivian Bang as Susan Sullivan
Owen Benjamin as Owen
Valerie Azlynn as Melanie
Christine Ebersole as Carol
Brian Doyle-murray as Hank
Roy Wood jr. as Roy
Ahmed Ahmed as Ahmed

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