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Cement Heads

A family-run concrete business features colorful characters. 

Billy Lougheed, Danielle Buenaventura, Joe "chubby" Luciano, Bill "sarge" Lougheed sr., Joan Lougheed

Bob Weinstein (Executive Producer), Harvey Weinstein (Executive Producer), Meryl Poster (Executive Producer), Patrick Reardon (Executive Producer), Jay Peterson (Executive Producer), Todd Lubin (Executive Producer), Jerry Carita (Executive Producer), Lily Neumeyer (Executive Producer), Evan Lerner (Executive Producer), Devon Graham (Executive Producer)

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Cement Heads

``Does somebody want to say, `Action'?'' Billy Lougheed asks the production crew on the first day of filming ``Cement Heads,'' a docu-reality series that follows WJL Equities, Lougheed's construction company in Eastchester, N.Y. Billy doesn't need to know how unscripted TV shows are produced; his first concern is keeping his family-owned business thriving. He's responsible for maintaining a monthly payroll of more than $1 million and keeping 400-plus employees productive and happy. By his side -- or often a step ahead -- is his wife and business partner, Danielle, known as ``the boss'' at WJL. They credit the secret of their working partnership to having two offices: Billy's at the cement yard in the Bronx, and Danielle's in Eastchester. The series also spotlights Billy's best friend and co-worker, Joe ``Chubby'' Luciano, and Billy's parents, ``Sarge'' and Joan.

Current cast
Billy Lougheed Danielle Buenaventura Joe ``chubby'' Luciano Bill ``sarge'' Lougheed sr. Joan Lougheed

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