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The Fairly OddParents

"Chin Up; Dog's Day Afternoon"

Timmy causes trouble for his favorite comic book hero, the Crimson Chin; Timmy's switches places with Vicky's dog.  (Repeat)

Fri 7/10 2:00 PM  NIKTON
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-Y7
Kids, Comedy, Animated, Interests

09:00 PM
"Who's Your Daddy; Homewrecker"  Timmy must find a replacement for his father in the Father-Son Squirrely Scout competition; Vicky baby-sits Timmy at her house.  (Repeat) NIKTON
09:30 PM
"Birthday Wish; Go Young, West Man"  Timmy wishes that Cosmo and Wanda were Tootie's birthday fairies for one day; Timmy skips school and wishes that Adam West could be a kid again.  (Repeat) NIKTON
10:00 PM
"Vicky Loses Her Icky; Pixies Inc"  Timmy wishes that his baby sitter were nice; Pixies purchase Fairy World.  (Repeat) NIKTON
10:30 PM
"The Big Super Hero Wish"  Timmy wishes that the whole world could be like his Crimson Chin comic book.  (Repeat) NIKTON
03:30 AM
"The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker"  Timmy goes back in time to try to change Mr. Crocker's past so that he will be a happier person in the present.  (Repeat) NIKTON
01:00 PM
"Kung Timmy; Which Witch Is Which?"  Timmy wishes for master kung-fu skills in order to fight a bully; Timmy travels back in time and encounters a crazed witch-hunter.  (Repeat) NIKTON
01:30 PM
"Chip off the Old Chip; Snow Bound"  Timmy wishes for Chip Skylark's voice in order to win the lead in the school play; Timmy and Vicky are trapped in a cave after an avalanche hits Mt. Dimmsdale.  (Repeat) NIKTON
02:00 PM
"Timmy's 2D House of Horror; It's a Wishful Life"  Timmy tries to scare away houseguests; an unappreciated Timmy wishes that he were never born.  (Repeat) NIKTON
02:30 PM
"Back to Norm; Teeth for Two"  Mr. Crocker receives the magic lava lamp as a present; Jorgen plans to use Timmy's tooth as an engagement ring for the Tooth Fairy.  (Repeat) NIKTON
04:00 PM
"Meet the Odd Parents"  Timmy's parents discover that he has fairy godparents.  (Repeat) NIK
The Fairly OddParents

Timmy Turner, a 10-year-old boy, has had it with his babysitter! He summons his fairy godparents who have the power to grant him wishes. Some of the wishes are really helpful, others don't work out so well. Timmy's godparents Wanda and Cosmo have ideas of their own and always lead Timmy on interesting adventures.

Current cast
Susan Blakeslee as Wanda
Daran Norris as Cosmo
Tara Strong as Timmy Turner
Jim Ward as Chet Ubetcha
Carlos Alazraqui as Denzel Crocker

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