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The Nanny

"The Cantor Show"

Fran introduces her new boyfriend, the temple cantor, to Mr. Sheffield and Burt Bacharach.  (Repeat)

Sat 6/6 4:30 AM  TVLAND
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-PG
Sitcom, Comedy

Fran Drescher, Charles Shaughnessy, Lauren Lane, Daniel Davis, Nicholle Tom, Benjamin Salisbury, Madeline Zima, Renee Taylor (Guest Star), Rachel Chagall (Guest Star), Phillip Casnoff (Guest Star), Burt Bacharach (Guest Star), Manny Kleinmuntz (Guest Star), Magda Harout (Guest Star), Helen Verbilt (Guest Star)

Robert Sternin (Executive Producer), Prudence Fraser (Executive Producer), Dorothy Lyman (Director), Diane Wilk (Writer)

04:54 AM
"A Kiss Is Just a Kiss"  Fran and Maggie enter a contest where the winner appears on the cover of a Billy Ray Cyrus album.  (Repeat) TVLAND
05:27 AM
"Strange Bedfellows"  After attending a retirement party for a friend, Fran stumbles into bed with Maxwell. With Daniel Davis.  (Repeat) TVLAND
05:30 AM
"The Chatterbox"  Maggie receives a party invitation so Fran takes her to her favorite beauty salon. Fran gets a job there for an actress who loses a Sheffield audition.  (Repeat) TVLAND
05:00 AM
"Fran Gets Mugged"  When Fran and Brighton are mugged in Central Park, the perpetrator gets more than a purse.  (Repeat) TVLAND
05:30 AM
"Pen Pal"  Fran must overcome many hurdles when her pen pal of 25 years wants to meet her.  (Repeat) TVLAND
04:00 AM
"Franny and the Professor"  C.C.'s brother bets her that he can help Fran qualify as a "Jeopardy!" contestant.  (Repeat) TVLAND
04:30 AM
"The Dope Diamond"  Fran accepts a marriage proposal from a doctor, but the groom-to-be vanishes. With Charles Shaughnessy.  (Repeat) TVLAND
05:00 AM
"A Fine Family Feud"  Fran's exciting plans for Maggie's Sweet Sixteen party go awry because of family antagonisms. With Renee Taylor.  (Repeat) TVLAND
05:30 AM
"Val's Apartment"  Fran decides to share an apartment with Val when she feels stressed out. With Charles Shaughnessy, Daniel Davis.  (Repeat) TVLAND
06:00 AM
"Shopaholic"  Fran's reaction to the news that her ex is engaged lands her in Shoppers Anonymous. With Charles Shaughnessy, Daniel Davis.  (Repeat) TVLAND
The Nanny

When she appears on the doorstep of wealthy widower Maxwell Sheffield's New York home, cosmetics saleswoman Fran Fine unexpectedly gets a job as the nanny for the Broadway producer's three children, Maggie, Brighton and Grace. Fran brings her no-nonsense honesty, sharp sense of humor and ``Queens logic'' into the Sheffield household, helping them become a happy, healthy family -- a family that Fran eventually joins when she marries Maxwell. Also in the Sheffield household is sarcastic English butler Niles.

Current cast
Fran Drescher as Fran Fine
Charles Shaughnessy as Maxwell Sheffield
Lauren Lane as Chastity Claire "C.C' Babcock
Daniel Davis as Niles
Nicholle Tom as Maggie Sheffield
Benjamin Salisbury as Brighton Sheffield
Madeline Zima as Grace Sheffield
Renee Taylor as Sylvia Fine

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