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Still Standing

A quirky couple tries to raise three children in Chicago and keep the marriage intact. 

Mark Addy, Jami Gertz, Jennifer Irwin, Taylor Ball, Renee Olstead, Soleil Borda, Larisa Miller

Diane m. Burroughs (Executive Producer), Joey Guttierrez (Executive Producer), Mark Cendrowski (Director), Joey Gutierrez (Writer), Diane Burroughs (Writer), Jayne Hamil (Writer), Adam Goldberg (Writer), Ellen Byron (Writer), Lissa Kapstrom (Writer), Gerry Cohen (Director), Ben Wexler (Writer), Carla Filisha (Writer), Ed Yeager (Writer), Cheryl Holliday (Writer), Joel Murray (Director), Cheryl Holiday (Writer), Adam Waring (Writer), Ken Whittingham (Director), Lynn Mccracken (Director), Terry Mulroy (Writer), Chris Bishop (Writer), Bob Koherr (Director), Richard Gurman (Writer), Gary Shimokawa (Director), Tom Huang (Writer), Regina Stewart (Writer), Jeff Mccracken (Director), John Tracy (Director), Lisa Kapstom (Writer), Asaad Kelada (Director), Leonard Garner jr. (Director), Henry Chan (Director), Ari Eisner (Writer), Jeff Meyer (Director), Michael Bornhorst (Writer), Robert Berlinger (Director), Tom Martin (Writer), Austin Winsberg (Writer), Randy Cordray (Director), Tim Doyle (Writer), Katy Garretson (Director), Andrew d. Weyman (Director), Allison Adler (Writer)

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Still Standing

Bill and Judy Miller are a blue-collar Chicago couple trying to raise three children responsibly without sacrificing their youthfulness. Judy's serious approach to parenting sometimes clashes with Bill's laid-back style, and the kids are a challenge. Judy's younger sister, Linda, spends a lot of time hanging around the Millers' household, to Bill's dismay.

Current cast
Mark Addy as Bill Miller
Jami Gertz as Judy Miller
Jennifer Irwin as Linda Michaels
Taylor Ball as Brian Miller
Renee Olstead as Lauren Miller
Soleil Borda as Tina Miller

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