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Boy Meets World

A coming-of-age comedy follows Cory Matthews as he juggles school, friends and romance. 

Ben Savage, William Daniels, Betsy Randle, Will Friedle, Rider Strong, William Russ, Lindsay Ridgeway, Danielle Fishel, Matthew Lawrence, Trina Mcgee-davis, Maitland Ward, Alex Désert, Anthony tyler Quinn, Lily Nicksay, Lee Norris

Michael Jacobs (Executive Producer), Bob Tischler (Executive Producer), David Kendall (Executive Producer), Carlos Aragon (Writer), Fred Savage (Director), Erica Montolfo (Writer), Steve Hoefer (Director), Barbie Feldman (Writer), Lynn Mccracken (Director), Allison m. Gibson (Writer), William Russ (Director), Gary h. Miller (Writer), Kevin Tracy (Director), Jeff Menell (Writer), Matthew Nelson (Writer), Jerry Levine (Director), Patti Carr (Writer), Lara Runnels (Writer), David Brownfield (Writer), Bob Tischler (Writer), David Kendall (Director), Jeff Mccracken (Director), Micky Dolenz (Director), Alan Myerson (Director), Howard Busgang (Writer), Mark Blutman (Writer), Becky Herbst (Executive Producer)

07:00 AM
"A Very Topanga Christmas"  Topanga's suggestion that the Matthews family celebrates Christmas her way prompts Cory to ponder whether she has too much control in his life.  (Repeat) MTV2
07:30 AM
"Raging Cory"  Cory attempts to show his dad that he wants their relationship to be more like Alan and Eric's.  (Repeat) MTV2
08:00 AM
"Heartbreak Cory"  Cory becomes attracted to a young lady who helps take care of him after he sprains his ankle during a ski trip.  (Repeat) MTV2
08:30 AM
"The Eskimo"  Cory and Shawn search for Super Bowl tickets; Eric ends up with a date who is more compatible with Jack.  (Repeat) MTV2
09:00 AM
"Torn Between Two Lovers (Feeling Like a Fool)"  Cory must decide whether to stay with Topanga or go out with the new girl that he met on the class ski trip.  (Repeat) MTV2
09:30 AM
"First Girlfriends' Club"  Cory's dishonesty angers Topanga on Valentine's Day; three of Shawn's former girlfriends decide to protect Angela.  (Repeat) MTV2
10:00 AM
"And Then There Was Shawn"  Shawn turns his attention to a new girl at school.  (Repeat) MTV2
10:30 AM
"Eric Hollywood"  Eric's desire to act lands him a role on a television show; Shawn questions whether he should remain friends with Topanga.  (Repeat) MTV2
12:00 AM
"Starry Night"  Topanga, who is still upset that Cory kissed another girl, dates someone else.  (Repeat) ABCF
12:30 AM
"Honesty Night"  After a reconciliation, Cory and Topanga pretend to be apart so Shawn can think he's the only one who can bring them back together.  (Repeat) ABCF
Boy Meets World

With the help of true love Topanga, best friend Shawn and teacher Mr. Feeny, Cory Matthews juggles school, friends and romance. The series, a popular Friday night staple on ABC for seven seasons, began with Cory in the sixth grade and follows him and his entourage through their college years.

Current cast
Ben Savage as Cory Matthews
William Daniels as George Feeny
Betsy Randle as Amy Matthews
Will Friedle as Eric Matthews
Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter
William Russ as Alan Matthews
Lindsay Ridgeway as Morgan Matthews
Danielle Fishel as Topanga Lawrence
Matthew Lawrence as Jack Newman
Trina Mcgee-davis as Angela

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