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Smart Travels: Europe With Rudy Maxa

Hassle-free ways to journey through Europe. 

Rudy Maxa (Host)

09:00 AM
"Europe Just for Fun"  A day of fun in Europe with hot-air balloon trips, mountain luge rides, country hikes and amusement parks.  (Repeat) AXSTV
09:00 AM
"A Music Lover's Europe"  Sicilian folk band Diascouri; Groupo Emiliano; folk-dance groups in Greece, Sweden and Norway.  (Repeat) AXSTV
Smart Travels: Europe With Rudy Maxa

Rudy Maxa, known as ``The Savvy Traveler'' to the many listeners of his popular syndicated radio show, hosts this series where he showcases memorable travel destinations in Europe and shares his knowledge of how people can best enjoy their visits. Maxa helps travelers take charge of their own trips, suggesting famous sites that shouldn't be missed along with the enjoyable surprises that await off the beaten path. Maxa also provides tips on making reservations, explores the different methods of transportation that are available in each locale, and suggests how viewers can overcome language barriers and make their getaways truly unforgettable.

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Rudy Maxa

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