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Life in the corporate cubicle of the modern workplace. 

Daniel Stern, Chris Elliott, Kathy Griffin, Gordon Hunt, Larry Miller, Jackie Hoffman

Scott Adams (Executive Producer), Larry Charles (Executive Producer), Ron Nelson (Writer), Mark Steen (Writer), Scott Adams (Writer), Larry Charles (Writer), Ned Goldreyer (Writer), Seth Kearsley (Director), David Silverman (Writer), Stephen Sustarsic (Writer), Joe Port (Writer), Joe Wiseman (Writer), Jeff Kahn (Writer)

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Based on the workplace-centric daily comic strip of the same name, this animated comedy lampoons office life. The show focuses on Dilbert (voiced by Daniel Stern, ``Home Alone''); and his hostile workers and dimwitted boss at Path-E-Tech. Also in Dilbert's life is his malevolent dog, Dogbert.

Current cast
Daniel Stern as Dilbert
Chris Elliott as Dogbert
Kathy Griffin as Alice
Gordon Hunt as Wally
Larry Miller as The Boss
Jackie Hoffman as Dilmom

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