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Murder, She Wrote

A mystery novelist solves crimes as she travels. 

Angela Lansbury, Mark Adair-rios

Angela Lansbury (Executive Producer), Anthony Shaw (Director), Anne c. Collins (Writer), Kevin Corcoran (Director), Robert Van scoyk (Writer), Vincent Mceveety (Director), Lawrence Heath (Writer), Donald Ross (Writer), Walter Grauman (Director), Mark a. Burley (Writer), Tom Sawyer (Writer), Bruce Lansbury (Writer), Jerry Ludwig (Writer), James l. Novack (Writer), Philip john Taylor (Writer), Paul Lazarus (Director), Cynthia Deming (Writer), William Royce (Writer), Peter s. Fischer (Executive Producer), William Link (Executive Producer), Richard Levinson (Executive Producer), Douglas Benton (Producer), Corey Allen (Director), Tom Sawyer (Producer), Jerry Jameson (Director), Seymour Robbie (Director), Don Mischer (Director), Lee Smith (Director), Robert f. O'neill (Producer), Bob Williams (Director), Peter Salim (Director), Robert e. Swanson (Producer), J. michael Straczynski (Producer), Kevin Cremin (Director), John Moxey (Director), Allen Reisner (Director), John l. Moxey (Director), Chuck Bowman (Director), Michael Lynch (Director), James Mcadams (Executive Producer), P.s. Fischer (Executive Producer), R.f. O'neill (Producer), E.w. Swackhamer (Director), Nick Havinga (Director), Peter Crane (Director), John Astin (Director), Paul Lynch (Director), Arthur Seidelman (Director), Philip Leacock (Director), Peter Fischer (Executive Producer), Charles Dubin (Director), Edward Abroms (Director), Alan Cooke (Director), Allan Reisner (Director), Hy Averback (Director), Richard Colla (Director), David Moessinger (Executive Producer), Mark Burley (Producer), David Moessinger (Director), Alex Singer (Director)

07:00 AM
"Northern Explosion"  Her plane laid-over in a small British Columbia town, Jessica probes two murders related to a local mining company.  (Repeat) HMMHD
08:00 AM
"Proof in the Pudding"  Jessica discovers clues to a puzzling murder when she is a guest star on a friend's television cooking show.  (Repeat) HMMHD
09:00 AM
"The Cemetery Vote"  Jessica investigates when an old friend is killed in a car accident in Idaho -- the man's widow believes it was an accident, but the victim's father is sure it was murder.  (Repeat) HMMHD
10:00 AM
"The Days Dwindle Down"  Jessica looks into a 30-year-old murder in a continuation of the story from the 1949 film "Strange Bargain."  (Repeat) HMMHD
11:00 AM
"Murder, She Spoke"  A murder occurs while Jessica is recording one of her novels for the Mystery Books for the Blind series.  (Repeat) HMMHD
12:00 PM
"A Fashionable Way to Die"  At a fashion premiere in Paris, Jessica gets involved in the murder investigation of a supper-club owner.  (Repeat) HMMHD
01:00 PM
"When Thieves Fall Out"  A coach's retirement, a stranger's arrival and deadly practical jokes cause Jessica to re-examine a 20-year-old murder.  (Repeat) HMMHD
02:00 PM
"Witness for the Defense"  An attorney asks Jessica to testify for a colleague accused of murder on circumstantial evidence in Quebec.  (Repeat) HMMHD
03:00 PM
"Old Habits Die Hard"  Jessica visits a convent to see a former sorority sister and winds up searching for a nun's killer.  (Repeat) HMMHD
04:00 PM
"The Way to Dusty Death"  Murder is on the agenda when top executives and their wives meet at a powerful tycoon's country estate.  (Repeat) HMMHD
Murder, She Wrote

Mystery writer and amateur detective Jessica Fletcher - a down-to-earth, middle-aged widow - ferrets out the criminals in idyllic Cabot Cove, Maine, which apparently is the murder capital of the United States for the show's 12-season run. Though while traveling, she uncovers a fair number of killers as well.

Current cast
Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher

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