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The New Detectives

World-renowned forensics experts and criminal investigators solve murders and other crimes. 

Gene Galusha (Narrator)

06:00 AM
"Murder by Numbers"  Investigators face an arduous challenge when pursuing a serial murderer keen on killing again and again.  (Repeat) ID
06:00 AM
"Vanished"  A woman accepts the job of a lifetime, then disappears; a college student is murdered on her way home from work.  (Repeat) ID
06:00 AM
"Blood Money"  Investigators use forensics to unearth a murder among blood relatives.  (Repeat) ID
06:00 AM
"Tainted Blood"  Blood evidence speaks for victims who cannot.  (Repeat) ID
06:00 AM
"For Love or Money"  Investigators use forensics to solve relationship tragedies.  (Repeat) ID
06:00 AM
"Patterns of Guilt"  A suspect's shoe print matches one left at the crime scene; a bruise on a victim's body resembles the tread of a tire.  (Repeat) ID
06:00 AM
"Lethal Dosage"  Toxicologists examine blood and tissue to uncover unnatural deaths.  (Repeat) ID
06:00 AM
"Collective Justice"  The Vidocq Society provides investigators with fresh perspectives on cold cases.  (Repeat) ID
06:00 AM
"Traces of Guilt"  Microscopic pieces of evidence -- a fingerprint or a few fibers -- left at the crime scene can lead to the conviction of such killers as David Middleton and Gregory Kokal.  (Repeat) ID
06:00 AM
"Double Helix"  Researchers investigate the importance of DNA analysis and its impact on the criminal justice system.  (Repeat) ID

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