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Dirty Jobs

"Mushroom Farmer"

Making mushrooms by mixing horse manure and grounded straw; rat-infested rain drains in LA; shower drains in Erie, Penn.  (Repeat)

Wed 7/8 2:00 PM  APL
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-14
Reality, Interests

Mike Rowe (Host)

09:00 AM
"Steel Mill Worker"  Mike Rowe takes on some more dirty jobs as he gets busy melting down scrap steel into molten metal; he then joins a river barge demolition team in St Louis.  (Repeat) APL
10:00 AM
"Cave Biologist"  Mike Rowe samples some more of the dirtier jobs as he works with a cave biologist and then braves the ocean to search for slime eels.  (Repeat) APL
11:00 AM
"Buoy Cleaner"  Mike Rowe travels to Oregon to make shingles and then rides on a Coast Guard ship to clean dirty buoys.  (Repeat) APL
12:00 PM
"Avian Vomitologist"  In a uniquely odd tour-de-force, Mike helps out at a Colorado marble quarry, collects owl vomit...yes, owl vomit, and then checks cows to see if they're pregnant.  (Repeat) APL
01:00 PM
"Turkey Farmer"  Mike works on a turkey farm and a potato farm; later he works at a water treatment plant where he removes sewage.  (Repeat) APL
02:00 PM
"Alligator Farmer"  Mike visits an extremely dirty sugar mill; the Fremont Fire Dept. firefighters teach Mike how to ignite a building, extinguish it and then do some overhauling; day ends at an ominous alligator farm.  (Repeat) APL
03:00 PM
"Concrete Finisher"  Mike is in Moss Landing, Calif. to get messy making decorative concrete countertops and a fire pit; then he recounts the scariest job he has ever done in his Dirty Jobs career.  (Repeat) APL
04:00 PM
"Doomsday Seed Banker"  The millennium seed project collects and preserves flora seeds for replanting after a catastrophic event.  (Repeat) APL
05:00 PM
"Custom Meat Processor"  Mike heads to a San Francisco dump to learn how hawks are employed as a seagull-removing method; then he is off to work on a mobile meat processing truck.  (Repeat) APL
06:00 PM
"Fish Squeezer"  Mike works as a fish squeezer with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish; the ancient art of pet acupuncture.  (Repeat) APL

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