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The Shield

The story of an inner-city Los Angeles police precinct. 

Michael Chiklis, Benito Martinez, Cch Pounder, Jay Karnes, Catherine Dent, Walton Goggins, Michael Jace, Forest Whitaker, David Snell, Paula Garcés, Kenny Johnson, Glenn Close

Shawn Ryan (Executive Producer), Scott Brazil (Executive Producer), Shawn Ryan (Writer), Clark Johnson (Director), Adam Fierro (Writer), Evan Bleiweiss (Writer), Billy Gierhart (Director), Charles h. Eglee (Writer), Jameal Turner (Writer), Craig Brewer (Director), Angela Russo (Writer), John Hlavin (Writer), Gwyneth Horder-payton (Director), Kurt Sutter (Writer), Gary Lennon (Writer), Guy Ferland (Director), Elizabeth Hansen (Writer), Stephen Kay (Director), Michael Chiklis (Director), Lisa Randolph (Writer), Dean White (Director), Terrence O'hara (Director), Scott Brazil (Director), Nick Gomez (Director), Leslie Libman (Director), D.j. Caruso (Director), Stephen Gyllenhaal (Director)

12:00 PM
"Chasing Ghosts"  Vic's worst fears are realized in learning who really killed Lem; Dutch and Claudette meet a witness that incriminates Vic; Shane's life begins to spiral out of control.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
01:00 PM
"Exiled"  Shane reaches out to the Armenian mob after Vic severs their ties; Vic discovers evidence of a larger conspiracy concerning the San Marcos massacre.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
02:00 PM
"The Math of the Wrath"  Vic learns he's being forced out of his job; Shane crosses the line when he has a romantic interlude with the daughter of an Armenian mob boss; Claudette begins to question Hiatt's loyalty.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
03:00 PM
"Recoil"  Vic and Ronnie consider a deadly deal in order to solve the San Marcos murders; Shane and Diro become business partners as she prepares to take control of the Armenian mob.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
04:00 PM
"Spanish Practices"  Vic and Aceveda form an unlikely alliance to expose a mutual enemy; Hiatt's job is in jeopardy; Billings drops a bombshell on Claudette and the department; Shane's loyalty to the Armenians is put to the test.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
10:00 PM
"Coefficient of Drag"  Vic challenges Shane and deals with threats to his family; a federal agent arrives in Farmington to investigate a recent wave of violence.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
11:00 PM
"Snitch"  As a local gang war heats up, Vic positions himself as a valuable commodity to the warring parties; Corrine and Cassidy confront Vic.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
12:00 AM
"Money Shot"  Vic works an angle to make himself valuable to the Armenian mob; Corrine finds herself in a surprising legal jam; Tina targets a producer of adult entertainment.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
01:00 AM
"Genocide"  The gang war erupts in unexpected ways that Vic cannot control; Dutch and Billings' homicide investigation grows into something more disturbing; Cassidy reaches out to Danny.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
02:00 AM
"Game Face"  Claudette encounters a murderous old nemesis; Vic confronts Olivia about her political connections; Dutch's case gets personal.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
The Shield

Vic Mackey is a rogue cop in an experimental division of the Los Angeles Police Department, willing to sink to the criminals' level in order to take them on -- but his misdeeds eventually come home to roost. He breaks the law to, in his mind, bring some semblance of order to a chaotic world.

Current cast
Michael Chiklis as Det. Vic Mackey
Benito Martinez as Capt. David Aceveda
Cch Pounder as Det. Claudette Wyms
Jay Karnes as Det. Holland `` Dutch'' Wagenbach
Catherine Dent as Officer Danielle ``Danny'' Sofer
Walton Goggins as Det. Shane Vendrell
Michael Jace as Officer Julien Lowe
Forest Whitaker as Lt. Jon Kavanaugh
David Snell as Det. Ronnie Gardocki
Paula Garc├®s as Officer Tina Hanlon

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