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Mystery Diagnosis

Medical professionals try to understand diseases that are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. 

09:00 AM
"The Woman Whose Flesh Was Eaten Alive"  A woman suddenly loses a breast; a baby cries and vomits when fed.  (Repeat) DLC
10:00 AM
"The Man Who Turned Orange"  A tumor hides another malady; a marathon runner experiences chronic fatigue.  (Repeat) DLC
11:00 AM
"The Woman With the Giant Lump"  A boy has infrequent bowel movements; a bodybuilder discovers a painful lump in her jaw.  (Repeat) DLC
12:00 PM
"Fight to the Last Breath"  A woman suffers crippling sinus pains.  (Repeat) DLC
01:00 PM
"The Girl With Half a Face"  A teenager's hair begins to fall out.  (Repeat) DLC
02:00 PM
"The Black and Blue Baby"  A newborn looks handicapped; a newlywed wakes to debilitating nausea.  (Repeat) DLC
03:00 PM
"Purple Puzzle"  An ultrasound anomaly worries expectant parents; a biology teacher has a bizarre symptom.  (Repeat) DLC
04:00 PM
"The Baby Who Changed Colors"  Twins battle seemingly unrelated illnesses.  (Repeat) DLC
05:00 PM
"Dangerous Growths"  A woman starts growing uncontrollably.  (Repeat) DLC
06:00 AM
"The Toddler That Stopped Walking"  A toddler cannot walk or stand.  (Repeat) DLC
Mystery Diagnosis

Determined patients refuse to give up although their physicians are baffled by the symptoms, and eventually they find amazing information about the disorders.

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