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Without a Trace

An FBI task force uses psychological profiling in its search for missing persons. 

Anthony Lapaglia, Poppy Montgomery, Marianne Jean-baptiste, Enrique Murciano, Eric Close, Roselyn Sánchez, Michael Williams, Elizabeth Banks

Jerry Bruckheimer (Executive Producer), Jonathan Littman (Executive Producer), Ed Redlich (Executive Producer), David Nutter (Executive Producer), Hank Steinberg (Executive Producer), David Amann (Writer), Greg Walker (Writer), Jeannot Szwarc (Director), Alicia Kirk (Writer), Jan Nash (Writer), Eric Close (Director), Anthony Lapaglia (Writer), Ryan Tavlin (Writer), Byron Balasco (Writer), Bruce Ramussen (Writer), John Polson (Director), Diego Gutierrez (Writer), Gwendolyn m. Parker (Writer), Jonathan Kaplan (Director), David Rapp (Writer), Michael Amundson (Director), Tom Donaghy (Writer), Martha Mitchell (Director), Jeff Thomas (Director), Diego Gutierrez (Director), Gwendolyn Parker (Writer), Bruce Rasmussen (Director), Amanda Segel (Writer), John Showalter (Director), Bruce Rasmussen (Writer), Paul Mccrane (Director), Roselyn Sánchez (Writer), Jim Adler (Writer), Marianne Jean-baptiste (Director), Scott White (Director), Karen Gaviola (Director), Greg Walker (Director), David h. Goodman (Writer), David Mongan (Writer), Chris Long (Director), Jose Molina (Writer), Bobby Roth (Director), Kate Woods (Director), Rosemary Rodriguez (Director), Eriq La salle (Director), Peter Markle (Director), John Peters (Director), Amanda segel Marks (Writer), Randy Zisk (Director), Scott Williams (Writer), Timothy Busfield (Director), Chad Lowe (Director), David Grae (Writer), Hank Steinberg (Writer), Ken Collins (Director), Jeannot Szware (Director), Hank Steinberg (Director), Jennifer Levin (Writer), Rob Bailey (Director), Paul Holahan (Director), Allison Abner (Writer), David Von ancken (Director), Tony Goldwyn (Director), Maria Maggenti (Writer), Craig Zisk (Director), Tim Matheson (Director), Ed Redlich (Writer), Andy Wolk (Director), Dale Kutzera (Writer), Simon Mirren (Writer), Tony Wharmby (Director), David Barrett (Director), Kevin Hooks (Director), David Nutter (Director), Bob Bailey (Director), John Bellucci (Writer), Charlie Correll (Director), Judy Sachs (Writer), Harry Litman (Writer), Jacob Epstein (Writer), Mel Damski (Director), Deran Sarafian (Director), Steve Kane (Writer), Tom Mcloughlin (Director), John Mcnaughton (Director), Michelle Maclaren (Director), Francisco Castro (Writer), Leslie Libman (Director), Stacy Rukeyser (Writer), Steve Gomer (Director), Rachel Talalay (Director)

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Without a Trace

``Without a Trace'' is a fast-paced procedural drama about the Missing Persons Squad of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in New York City. The sole responsibility of the special task force is to find missing persons by applying advanced psychological profiling techniques to the evidence and decide whether the missing people have been abducted, murdered, committed suicide or simply run away. Members of the unit include supervisory agent Jack Malone (Anthony LaPaglia) and field agent Samantha ``Sam'' Spade (Poppy Montgomery).

Current cast
Anthony Lapaglia as Special Agent Jack Malone
Poppy Montgomery as Special Agent Samantha Spade
Marianne Jean-baptiste as Special Agent Vivian Johnson
Enrique Murciano as Special Agent Danny Taylor
Eric Close as Special Agent Martin Fitzgerald
Roselyn Sánchez as Special Agent Elena Delgado

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