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Untold Stories of the E.R.

"Liver Die"

A teenager rushes to the ER after a football game.  (Repeat)

Mon 9/7 10:00 AM  DLC
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-14
Reality, Medical, Interests

06:00 AM
"The Golden Hour"  A soldier has a stab wound; a young man bleeds from the ears; diet pill overdose.  (Repeat) DLC
07:00 AM
"Toilet Paper Eating Patient"  A woman complains of stomach pains after eating toilet paper; an inmate has a 108-degree fever.  (Repeat) DLC
08:00 AM
"Long Live the King"  The king of the Gypsies; doctors search for the cause of a patient's weakness.  (Repeat) DLC
09:00 AM
"Crowbar in Head"  A man impaled through the skull with a crowbar; a woman's cough; a bride is in pain.  (Repeat) DLC
10:00 AM
"Liver Die"  A teenager rushes to the ER after a football game.  (Repeat) DLC
11:00 AM
"I Need Some Help Here"  A pregnant accident-victim; an ax lodged in a patient's head.  (Repeat) DLC
12:00 PM
"Stuck in a Toilet"  A woman gets stuck in a toilet bowl; a man's leg is mangled by a stump grinder; a nurse collapses.  (Repeat) DLC
01:00 PM
"Diagnose Me!"  A teen suffers from an ectopic pregnancy; a young mother goes in and out of flatline; a healthy patient refuses to leave the ER.  (Repeat) DLC
02:00 PM
"Never Say Die"  An older patient with prolonged CPR; a stabbing victim on the street; a doctor's dream job becomes a nightmare.  (Repeat) DLC
03:00 PM
"Death Breath"  An ER nurse discovers her delirious husband's breath smells like mothballs; a young mother goes into convulsions; identical doctors in the ER.  (Repeat) DLC
Untold Stories of the E.R.

``Untold Stories of the E.R.'' is a fast-paced medical series that blends re-enactments of real emergency room cases with comments by the actual physicians and nurses involved in the procedures. Often the patients give first-person accounts as well, and some even play themselves during the re-enactments.

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