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This live-action series based on R.L. Stine's award-winning book series places average kids in a weird alternate reality, where they find themselves facing such situations as haunted amusement parks, possessed Halloween masks and other bizarre and frightening scenarios.

Nicole Dicker (Actor) , Daniel Clark (Actor) , Barbara Radecki (Actor) , Cody Jones (Actor) , Dixie Seatle (Actor) , Neil Crone (Actor) , J. adam Brown (Actor) , Rebecca Henderson (Actor) , Laura Press (Actor) , Dov Tiefenbach (Actor) , Richard Fitzpatrick (Actor) , Diego Matamoros (Actor) , Keegan Macintosh (Actor) , Nicky Guadagni (Actor) , Ron Lea (Actor) , James Mainprize (Actor) , Terra Vnesa (Actor) , Shawn Roberts (Actor) , J.j. Stocker (Actor) , Daniel Lee (Actor) , Malcolm Stewart (Actor) , Kathryn Short (Actor) , Corey Sevier (Actor) , Robert Collins (Actor) , Peter Messaline (Actor) , Brooke Nevin (Actor) , Ben Cook (Actor) , Eric Peterson (Actor) , Kyle j. Downes (Actor) , Jordan Allison (Actor) , Patricia Gage (Actor) , Kay Tremblay (Actor) , Judy Sinclair (Actor) , Erica Lancaster (Actor) , Blair Slater (Actor) , Hayden Christensen (Actor) , Martin Doyle (Actor) , Belinda Metz (Actor) , Annick Obonsawin (Actor) , Jordan Prentice (Actor) , Amy Stewart (Actor) , Elizabeth Brown (Actor) , Benedict Campbell (Actor) , Ian d. Clark (Actor) , Jessica Greco (Actor) , John White (Actor) , Amos Crawley (Actor) , Kathryn Long (Actor) , Julie Khaner (Actor) , Colin Fox (Actor) , Scott Wickware (Actor) , Brenda Bazinet (Actor) , Dan Warry-smith (Actor) , Melissa Bathory (Actor) , Adam West (Actor) , Maurice Godin (Actor) , Mag Ruffman (Actor) , Adam Shanfield (Actor) , Melody Johnson (Actor) , Ellen-ray Hennessy (Actor) , Susan Cooke (Actor) , Brendan Fletcher (Actor) , Mairon Bennett (Actor) , Geoffrey Bowes (Actor) , Maria Ricossa (Actor) , Michael Barry (Actor) , Don Francks (Actor) , Michael Polley (Actor) , Les Porter (Actor)

Deborah Forte (Executive Producer) , Steven Levitan (Producer) , Neil Shusterman (Writer) , Don Mccutcheon (Director) , Ron Oliver (Director) , Ron Oliver (Writer) , Bill Siegler (Executive Producer) , Martha Atwater (Executive Producer)

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