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The New Adventures of Old Christine

A divorced mother tries to keep up with everyone around her. 

Julia Louis-dreyfus, Clark Gregg, Hamish Linklater, Trevor Gagnon, Emily Rutherfurd, Wanda Sykes, Alex kapp Horner, Tricia O'kelley

Kari Lizer (Executive Producer), Andy Ackerman (Executive Producer), Kari Lizer (Writer), Andy Ackerman (Director), Jeff Astrof (Writer), Matt Goldman (Writer), Jack Burditt (Writer), Andy Ackerman (Writer), Tricia O'kelley (Writer), Alex kapp Horner (Writer), Sherry Bilsing-graham (Writer), Ellen Kreamer (Writer), Amy Iglow (Writer), Allan Rice (Writer), Frank Pines (Writer), Lew Schneider (Writer), Ellen Plummer (Writer), Jackie Filgo (Writer), Jeff Filgo (Writer), Katie Palmer (Writer), Aaron Shure (Writer), Jennifer Crittenden (Writer), Jonathan Goldstein (Writer), Adam Barr (Writer), Charles Zucker (Writer), Danielle Evenson (Writer), Bryan Behar (Writer), Steve Baldikoski (Writer)

03:30 AM
"Ritchie Scores"  Christine signs Ritchie up for soccer after Mr. Harris informs her that he has had trouble making friends.  (Repeat) TVLAND
04:00 AM
"Endless Shrimp, Endless Night"  Christine tries to reignite the relationship between her brother and his ex-girlfriend; Richard tries to interest Ritchie in his job.  (Repeat) TVLAND
04:30 AM
"Let Him Eat Cake"  Christine wants credit for turning Richard into a good boyfriend and for recommending a thoughtful birthday gift for New Christine to give him.  (Repeat) TVLAND
05:00 AM
"Sleepless in Mar Vista"  After taking sleeping pills, Christine discovers that she made several embarrassing phone calls while knocked out.  (Repeat) TVLAND
05:30 AM
"Undercover Brother"  Christine learns an astonishing secret after sleeping with Richard's attractive brother.  (Repeat) TVLAND
06:00 AM
"Strange Bedfellows"  Christine battles an aggressive activist with an opposing stance when she tries to become more politically active.  (Repeat) TVLAND
06:36 AM
"The Real Thing"  Christine nearly gets Mr. Harris fired when she sends an e-mail intended for Barb to all the parents at Ritchie's school.  (Repeat) TVLAND
07:12 AM
"Faith Off"  When Christine figures out Richard has been hired to remodel Lindsay's bathroom, she goes to any length possible to make sure he doesn't screw up the job.  (Repeat) TVLAND
02:00 PM
"My Big Fat Sober Wedding"  Chrisitine tries to stay sober at her friend's wedding, but has a hard time keeping her mouth shut nonetheless.  (Repeat) TVLAND
02:30 PM
"Friends"  Christine, Richard, Matthew and Barb test one another's boundaries while following Ritchie to his school's camping trip in the desert.  (Repeat) TVLAND
The New Adventures of Old Christine

``Old Christine'' (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is a divorced mom who has a handle on her career and motherhood -- and a pretty good relationship with her ex-husband -- until he introduces his new girlfriend, a younger woman, also named Christine. Old Christine lives with her son and her brother, and runs a gym, and her life is a constant struggle to keep up with everyone else.

Current cast
Julia Louis-dreyfus as Christine Campbell
Clark Gregg as Richard Campbell
Hamish Linklater as Matthew
Trevor Gagnon as Ritchie Campbell
Emily Rutherfurd as New Christine
Wanda Sykes as Barb
Alex kapp Horner as Lindsay
Tricia O'kelley as Marly Ehrhardt

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