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Tom and Jerry Tales

The cat and mouse pull pranks, gags and get into escapades all around the globe. 

12:00 AM
"You're Lion; Kangadoofus; Monkey Chow"  (Repeat) BOOM
12:30 AM
"Game of Mouse and Cat; Babysitting Blues; Catfish Folly"  (Repeat) BOOM
01:00 AM
"Ho Ho Horrors; Doggone Hill Hog; Northern Light Fish Fight"  Tom and Jerry fight under the Christmas tree; Spike tackles Tom and Jerry in the snow; Tom and Jerry fight over a fish.  (Repeat) BOOM
01:30 AM
"Bats What I Like About the South; Fraidy Cat Scat; Tomb It May Concern"  Jerry disguises himself as a bat to scare Tom; Tom moves to a new house; Tom and Jerry find gold inside a pyramid.  (Repeat) BOOM
02:00 AM
"Fire Breathing Tom Cat/Medieval Menace/The Itch"  The king sends Tom to slay a dragon; a witch captures Tom and throws him in the dungeon; Jerry wants to join a band of rats.  (Repeat) BOOM
02:30 AM
"Digital Dilemma; Hi Robot; Tomcat Jetpack"  Tom's computer traps him and Jerry in a virtual world; Jerry's girlfriend gives new meaning to "living doll"; Tom dons an experimental flying suit.  (Repeat) BOOM
11:00 AM
"Tiger Cat; Feeding Time; Polar Peril"  A monkey paints Tom to look like a tiger; Jerry frames Tom for feeding zoo animals; a polar bear aids Jerry.  (Repeat) TOON
11:00 AM
"Dino-Sores; Freaky Tiki; Prehisterics"  Tom and Jerry discover their world is full of dinosaur eggs; a mystical tiki puts Tom under a spell; Tom and Jerry's ancestors.  (Repeat) TOON
11:00 AM
"Destruction Junction; Battle of the Power Tool; Jackhammer Cat"  Mayhem ensues in a construction site; Tom and Jerry try to out do each other; the boys stumble into a feast at a construction site to which neither is invited.  (Repeat) TOON
11:00 AM
"Tin Cat of Tomorrow; Beefcake Tom; Tomcat Superstar"  A robotic cat replaces Tom; Tom enrolls at a gym; Tom quits show business and retires to a farm.  (Repeat) TOON
Tom and Jerry Tales

Forever plotting against one another, Tom and Jerry are up to their usual antics. The cat and mouse pull pranks, gags and get into escapades all around the globe.

Current cast
Jake d. Smith as Baby Mouse

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