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Black women from different walks of life form intense friendships. 

Tracee ellis Ross, Golden Brooks, Persia White, Reggie Hayes, Khalil Kain, Keesha Sharp, Jill marie Jones

Kelsey Grammer (Executive Producer), Rudy Hornish (Executive Producer), Dee Laduke (Executive Producer), Mark alton Brown (Executive Producer), Mara brock Akil (Executive Producer), Debbie Allen (Director), Prentice Penny (Writer), Tracee ellis Ross (Director), Kevin Marburger (Writer), Michele Marburger (Writer), Mark alton Brown (Writer), Dee Laduke (Writer), Mary lou Belli (Director), Michael Kaplan (Writer), Vanessa Middleton (Writer), Golden Brooks (Writer), Millicent Shelton (Director), Karin Gist (Writer), Regina Hicks (Writer), Mara brock Akil (Writer), Salim Akil (Director), Regina y. Hicks (Writer), Keith Truesdell (Director), Roger Christiansen (Director), Lorin Wertheimer (Writer), Shawn Thomas (Writer), Vito Giambalvo (Director), Eric Laneuville (Director), Vincent Brown (Writer), Gregory Storm (Writer), Arlene Sanford (Director), Mara Brock (Writer), Linda Mendoza (Director), Kenya Barris (Writer), Tim Edwards (Writer), Gina price Bythewood (Director), Sheldon Epps (Director), Shauna Robinson (Writer), Veronica Chambers (Writer), Katy Garretson (Director), Lenny Garner (Director), Keith josef Adkins (Writer), Karen Gist (Writer), Norman Vance jr. (Writer), Leonard Garner (Director), Susan Wantanabe (Writer), Lamont Ferrell (Writer), Leslie kolins Small (Director), Gloria Ketterer (Writer), Leonard r. Garner (Director), Stephen Zuckerman (Director), Karin gist Tyler (Writer), Bernadette l. Strzeminski (Writer), Chip Fields (Director), Bonita Alford (Writer), Kevin Boyd (Writer), Ken Whittingham (Director), Marcy gray Rubin (Writer), David adam Silverman (Writer), Henry Chan (Director), Judy Dent (Writer), Temi Akinyemi (Writer), Beverly d. Hunter (Writer), Bernadette lucket Strzeminksi (Writer), Erma Elzy-jones (Director)

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An ensemble sitcom focusing on a mixed batch of black women who face life's tests and triumphs together. From dating to divorce and friends to family to relationships, Joan, Maya, Lynn and Toni support each other despite their differing backgrounds, learning about true friendship in the process.

Current cast
Tracee ellis Ross as Joan Clayton
Golden Brooks as Maya Wilkes
Persia White as Lynn Searcry
Reggie Hayes as William Dent

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