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'Til Death

"Clay Date"

Eddie and Joy share a dorm room with a partying single father when they visit Allison for parents' weekend; Jeff hires someone to help Steph tile the bathroom.  (Repeat)

Sat 4/26 3:30 AM  WGNAMER
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-PG
Sitcom, Comedy

Brad Garrett, Joely Fisher, Kat Foster, Eddie Thomas, Krysten Ritter (Guest Star), Dan Butler (Guest Star), Timm Sharp (Guest Star)

Josh Goldsmith (Executive Producer), Cathy Yuspa (Executive Producer)

03:30 AM
"The Italian Affair"  When Eddie sees the photos of himself and Joy having a great time in Italy, he is reminded of how the vacation ended. In order to make things right, Eddie does all he can to relive their trip to Italy right there in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  (Repeat) WGNAMER
03:30 AM
"Clay Date"  Eddie and Joy share a dorm room with a partying single father when they visit Allison for parents' weekend; Jeff hires someone to help Steph tile the bathroom.  (Repeat) WGNAMER
04:00 AM
"That's Ridiculous"  When Joy and Allison meet for Spring Break in Florida, Eddie is thrilled to have the house to himself where he can eat, sleep, wear whatever he wants and hang out with Cofeld.  (Repeat) WGNAMER
04:30 AM
"I Heart Woodcocks"  When the Woodcocks strike up a close friendship with the Cofelds, the Starks set out to win back their friendship.  (Repeat) WGNAMER
03:30 AM
"The Coffeemaker"  When they receive a coffeemaker as a gift, Eddie resents Joy for not learning how to work the machine herself.  (Repeat) WGNAMER
03:30 AM
"Webby's Not Happy"  When one of Eddie's single idols comes for a visit, Eddie is in awe, while Joy is unimpressed by Webby's lifestyle of wild adventures and exotic travels. To Joy, Webby is running away from the one thing that can make him truly happy, commitment.  (Repeat) WGNAMER
03:30 AM
"Summer of Love"  Summer vacation has begun, Allison surprises her parents when she brings Doug home. When Allison and Doug spend their days enjoying the summer, Steph convinces Eddie to join them. Jeff and Joy feel left out and annoyed by their partners' happiness.  (Repeat) WGNAMER
03:30 AM
"Speed Bumps"  Joy considers getting plastic surgery when she can't flirt her way out of a speeding ticket; Kenny and Tina continue to fight for custody of their dog, Beyonce.  (Repeat) WGNAMER
03:30 AM
"The Buffer"  Kenny's wife kicks him out of their apartment, so Eddie invites him to stay at his house; Kenny's annoying habits have Joy trying desperately to reconnect him with his ex-wife.  (Repeat) WGNAMER
04:00 AM
"Circumdecision"  Kenny decides to get circumcised to please his new girlfriend; Joy, impressed by Kenny's efforts, badgers Eddie to do more nice things for her; Eddie takes Kenny to a bris to show him what a circumcision looks like.  (Repeat) WGNAMER
'Til Death

Eddie and Joy Stark have been married for what seems like forever -- and they've got the scars to prove it. Naturally, cynical high school history teacher Eddie thinks it is his manly duty to offer ``sage'' advice to newly married men. But Eddie's little secret is that he loves Joy more than anything; and however sarcastic Joy herself appears, she loves Eddie right back.

Current cast
Brad Garrett as Eddie Stark
Joely Fisher as Joy Stark
Timm Sharp as Doug Von Stuessen
Lindsey Broad as Ally Stark

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