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American Dad

"I Can't Stan You"

Stan discovers how his neighbors feel about him when he brings eavesdropping equipment home from the CIA.  (Repeat)

Tue 4/28 10:30 PM  TOON
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-14
Sitcom, Animated, Comedy, Interests

11:00 PM
"Four Little Words"  Stan's attempt to play Cupid for Bullock goes awry when Bullock accidentally kills his date.  (Repeat) TOON
04:30 AM
"Four Little Words"  Stan's attempt to play Cupid for Bullock goes awry when Bullock accidentally kills his date.  (Repeat) TOON
02:30 AM
"She Swill Survive"  Afraid that Hayley lacks life skills, Stan makes her take a job as a bartender; when Bullock becomes Hayley's best customer, Stan uses his daughter's knowledge to get ahead at work.  (Repeat) WPIX
12:00 PM
"Weiner of Our Discontent"  When Stan accuses Roger of being worthless, Roger confesses that he's the decider of man's fate.  (Repeat) TBS
12:30 PM
"Daddy Queerest"  Neighbor Terry is nervous when his father announces he will be coming to town; Steve goes on a bender.  (Repeat) TBS
01:00 PM
"Stan's Night Out"  Stan finds himself in compromising situations during a guys' night out; Hayley and Roger try to attract a frat boy.  (Repeat) TBS
01:30 PM
"In Country... Club"  Steve is asked to sing the national anthem at the Langley Falls Veterans Day celebration.  (Repeat) TBS
09:00 PM
"The Missing Kink"  Francine tries to get Stan to take on a different mission; Hayley tries to get back into dating and accepts a date with Snot.  (Repeat) TBS
09:30 PM
"The Boring Identity"  When Stan gets amnesia, Francine tries to turn him into her ideal husband; Steve is drawn into the corrupt side of Roger's paper route business.  (Repeat) TBS
10:00 PM
"Cock of the Sleepwalk"  Stan mistakenly unleashes a good persona who is intent on doing good deeds that Stan wouldn't consider.  (Repeat) TOON
American Dad

Stan Smith is a CIA agent painfully dedicated to homeland security. His home life includes doting wife Francine, a ditzy housewife, liberal daughter Hayley and socially awkward teenaged son Steve. Also living in the family's Langley Falls, Va., home are Klaus, a goldfish with the brain of an East German Olympic ski jumper, and Roger, an escaped alien from Area 51, who Stan houses in defiance of his employer due to owing Roger a ``life debt.'' Sounds just like the typical American family, right? Maybe not.

Current cast
Seth Macfarlane as Stan Smith/Roger
Wendy Schaal as Francine Smith
Rachael Macfarlane as Hayley Smith
Scott Grimes as Steve Smith
Dee bradley Baker as Klaus
Jeff Fischer as Jeff

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