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The Shield

"Spanish Practices"

Vic and Aceveda form an unlikely alliance to expose a mutual enemy; Hiatt's job is in jeopardy; Billings drops a bombshell on Claudette and the department; Shane's loyalty to the Armenians is put to the test.  (Repeat)

Sun 3/8 4:00 PM  NUVOTV
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-14
Crime Drama, Drama

12:30 PM
"Extraction"  Dutch and Claudette investigate a race riot at a local high school; Vic is encouraged to accept an early retirement package; an internal affairs officer visits Lem.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
01:30 PM
"Enemy of Good"  Lem's interrogation about the Strike Team's corrupt past tests his loyalty to Vic; the Strike Team investigates a multiple homicide; Tina is unable to hold her own on the street.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
02:30 PM
"Jailbait"  The Strike Team figures out its next step concerning Internal Affairs' investigation of Lem; Tina goes under cover to bust a sex trafficking ring; Claudette reopens one of Dutch's cases.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
03:30 PM
"Tapa Boca"  Becca contemplates representing the Strike Team; Vic discovers the truth about Emolia; Dutch and Claudette investigate a case of deadly road rage; Julien and Tina's relationship deteriorates.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
04:30 PM
"Trophy"  Kavanaugh bugs the Strike Team's clubhouse; Dutch tries to discover Claudette's secret as they work a missing person's case.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
05:30 PM
"Rap Payback"  Kavanaugh sets up office inside the Barn; an elusive serial killer comes back into the lives of Dutch and Claudette; Julien's past adds tension to his relationship with Tina.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
12:00 PM
"Man Inside"  The Strike Team's solidarity starts to crack under Kavanaugh's constant pressure; Vic considers a job offer from another police division.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
01:00 PM
"Kavanaugh"  As Kavanaugh deals with the emotional circumstances surrounding the return of his ex-wife, his obsession to take down the Strike Team comes to a head.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
02:00 PM
"Smoked"  Vic and his guys struggle to bail Lem out of jail after their finances are frozen; Tina jeopardizes the safety of an undercover detective; Corrine confronts Danny about her baby's paternity.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
03:00 PM
"Of Mice and Lem"  Lem prepares to plead guilty to heroin charges; Dutch and Claudette's friendship is tested.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
The Shield

Vic Mackey is a rogue cop in an experimental division of the Los Angeles Police Department, willing to sink to the criminals' level in order to take them on -- but his misdeeds eventually come home to roost. He breaks the law to, in his mind, bring some semblance of order to a chaotic world.

Current cast
Michael Chiklis as Det. Vic Mackey
Benito Martinez as Capt. David Aceveda
Cch Pounder as Det. Claudette Wyms
Jay Karnes as Det. Holland `` Dutch'' Wagenbach
Catherine Dent as Officer Danielle ``Danny'' Sofer
Walton Goggins as Det. Shane Vendrell
Michael Jace as Officer Julien Lowe
Forest Whitaker as Lt. Jon Kavanaugh
David Snell as Det. Ronnie Gardocki
Paula Garc├®s as Officer Tina Hanlon

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