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Cory in the House

Cory Baxter, 15, and his father live in staff quarters at the White House. 

02:00 AM
"Smells Like School Spirit"  Cory tries to make Meena jealous; Newt becomes class president; pep squads attempt to increase school spirit.  (Repeat) DISN
02:30 AM
"Get Smarter"  Cory fancies the new girl in school. Trouble is, she is incredibly brainy, and Cory is finding it really hard to impress her with his intellect.  (Repeat) DISN
Cory in the House

Since his dad, Victor, was named head chef to President Martinez, Cory Baxter now lives in Washington, D.C. Cory shares the staff quarters of the White House with his father and attends an exclusive private school. The president's young daughter, Sophie, is very clever for her age and likes to meddle. Meena, an ambassador's daughter, and Newt, heir to a political dynasty, become Cory's new friends.

Current cast
Kyle Massey as Cory Baxter
Rondell Sheridan as Victor Baxter
Jason Dolley as Newt Livingston
Madison Pettis as Sophie Martinez
Maiara Walsh as Meena Paroom
Jake Thomas as Jason Stickler
John D'aquino as President Richard Martinez
Lisa Arch as Samantha Samuels

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