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An FBI agent takes a surgeon's family captive, demanding she kill the president during an operation. 

Toni Collette, Dylan Mcdermott, Tate Donovan, Sandrine Holt, Rhys Coiro, Billy Brown, Quinn Shephard, Mateus Ward, James Naughton

Jerry Bruckheimer (Executive Producer), Jonathan Littman (Executive Producer), Jeffrey Nachmanoff (Executive Producer), Rick Eid (Executive Producer), Omri Givon (Executive Producer), Rotem Shamir (Executive Producer), Chayim Sharir (Executive Producer), Jeffrey Nachmanoff (Writer), Jeffrey Nachmanoff (Director), Rick Eid (Writer), Anton Cropper (Director), Frederick Toye (Director), Nick Santora (Writer), Duane Clark (Director), Joshua Allen (Writer), Phil Abraham (Director), Henry Bronchtein (Director), Cassie Pappas (Writer), S.j. Clarkson (Director), Alon Aranya (Writer), Matt earl Beesley (Director), Jennifer Schuur (Writer), David Von ancken (Director), Jennifer Cecil (Writer), Karen Gaviola (Director), Aron Coleite (Writer), Russell Fine (Director), Jason Ensler (Director)

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Driven by desperation, rogue FBI agent Duncan Carlisle makes hostages of renowned surgeon Ellen Sanders' family. He demands that she kill the president during an upcoming operation. While Carlisle and his team of accomplices -- including brother-in-law Kramer, hot-headed ex-soldier Archer and mysterious Sandrine -- hold the family captive, the lines between right and wrong become increasingly blurred. Ellen faces a terrible dilemma between following her captors' demands or further endangering her family.

Current cast
Toni Collette as Dr. Ellen Sanders
Dylan Mcdermott as Duncan Carlisle
Tate Donovan as Brian Sanders
Sandrine Holt as Sandrine
Rhys Coiro as Kramer
Billy Brown as Archer
Quinn Shephard as Morgan Sanders
Mateus Ward as Jake Sanders
James Naughton as President Kincaid

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