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The Crazy Ones

Unorthodox genius Simon Roberts and his daughter, Sydney, run a powerful advertising agency. 

Robin Williams, Sarah Gellar, James Wolk, Hamish Linklater, Amanda Setton

David Kelley (Executive Producer), Bill D'elia (Executive Producer), Jason Winer (Executive Producer), Tracy Poust (Executive Producer), Jon Kinnally (Executive Producer), Dean Lorey (Executive Producer), John Montgomery (Executive Producer), Mark Teitelbaum (Executive Producer), Amy Hubbs (Writer), David Katzenberg (Director), Laura Krafft (Writer), Linda Mendoza (Writer), Tracy Poust (Writer), Jon Kinnally (Writer), Matt Sohn (Director), Bill Kuntsler (Writer), Alex Hardcastle (Director), Jason Winer (Director), Mason Steinberg (Writer), Bill D'elia (Director), David Kelley (Writer), Ryan Raddatz (Writer), Steven Tsuchida (Director), Rob Sudduth (Writer), Joe Port (Writer), Joe Wiseman (Writer), Fred Goss (Director), Dean Lorey (Writer), Fred Savage (Director), Michael Jann (Director), Corey Nickerson (Writer)

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The Crazy Ones

Simon Roberts, an unorthodox genius with a big personality, heads an advertising agency that has some of the biggest clients in the world. By his side is his partner -- and daughter -- Sydney, who is focused and ambitious but spends more time than she'd like baby-sitting her father. They work with a talented team that includes handsome Zach, neurotic art director Andrew, and deceptively smart assistant Lauren as -- despite their eccentricities -- they continue to take the advertising world by storm.

Current cast
Robin Williams as Simon Roberts
Sarah Gellar as Sydney Roberts
James Wolk as Zach Cropper
Hamish Linklater as Andrew Keaneally
Amanda Setton as Lauren Slotsky

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