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Disaster DIY

Instructing handymen who are having a hard time completing projects. 

Bryan Baeumler (Host)

05:00 PM
"Battered Basement"  Bryan tries to save a family from a reno gone wrong.  (Repeat) DIY
05:30 PM
"Little Sister, Big Reno"  Maya needs to learn to love interior design.  (Repeat) DIY
06:00 PM
"Hairy Scary Reno"  A hairdresser's wife wants a functioning kitchen.  (Repeat) DIY
06:30 PM
"Bunkhouse Breakdown"  A tool shed is converted into a bubbly bunkie.  (Repeat) DIY
07:00 PM
"Slacker Siding"  A couple who wants to turn their cottage into a home.  (Repeat) DIY
07:30 PM
"The Ugly Deck-ling"  Completing a disastrous deck.  (Repeat) DIY
Disaster DIY

Host and contractor Bryan Baeumler repairs home-renovation disasters with some great ``Do It Yourself'' tips and tricks. Handy people without a clue need not fret about fixing anything around the home. Bryan's tough-love approach is just what's needed to patch up all the rough spots.

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Bryan Baeumler

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