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Holmes on Homes

Identifying and fixing disastrous home-improvement projects. 

Mike Holmes (Host)

03:00 PM
"Garage Grievance"  Jill wants to convert her garage into a cozy painting studio.  (Repeat) DIY
03:30 PM
"Terrible Terrace"  Mike arrives and they rebuild the terrace with a proper watertight membrane and new decking.  (Repeat) DIY
04:00 PM
"Wall O'Shame"  A retaining wall bowed dramatically and the contractor did not respond to any of the requests to return.  (Repeat) DIY
04:30 PM
"Step by Step"  Mike Holmes fixes a staircase.  (Repeat) DIY
05:00 PM
"All Decked Out"  Building a beautiful, strong and safe two level back deck.  (Repeat) DIY
05:30 PM
"Semi Dilemma"  Splitting the costs of fixing a leaky porch on a house shared by two couples.  (Repeat) DIY
06:00 PM
"Exit Wound"  Mike Holmes comes to the rescue of a botched stonemason's basement walkout job.  (Repeat) DIY
06:30 PM
"Cold Feet"  Mike Holmes comes to the rescue of a new home that was built with various insufficiencies.  (Repeat) DIY
07:00 PM
"Cabinet Chaos"  The custom contractors that were hired by Yetti and Andrew to build their dream kitchen made a mess of their home and their health.  (Repeat) DIY
07:30 PM
"Shower Stalled"  Mike Holmes comes to the rescue of a couple who was duped by a contractor hired to renovate their basement bathroom.  (Repeat) DIY
Holmes on Homes

Mike Holmes can fix just about everything. His motto reads: ``If you're going to do something, do it right the first time.'' And that definitely applies to his home renovation work, which is featured in this series as he and his crew rescue homeowners victimized by shoddy contractors. Holmes is a warmhearted, straight-shooting regular guy who tells it like it is, especially when it comes to messy builders and the sloppy, lazy jobs they leave behind.

Current cast
Mike Holmes

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