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Sweat Equity

Home improvement projects that increase the value of a home. 

Amy Matthews (Host), Adam Berlin (Host)

04:30 AM
"Slate-Riffic Bathroom"  A couple are under the gun to convert a basement space into a spa-worthy bathroom.  (Repeat) DIY
04:30 AM
"Equity Upgrades"  A couple must decide on whether to focus on exterior or interior upgrades to their home.  (Repeat) DIY
04:30 AM
"Tuck Under Family Room"  A tuck under garage is converted into a family space with a mudroom and entertainment area.  (Repeat) DIY
Sweat Equity

With both manual and advice-based assistance provided by licensed contractor Amy Matthews, couples spend two weekends on a home renovation project designed to return the most bang for their buck. Is installing a fireplace as part of a basement makeover a good idea? How about resurfacing existing cabinets as opposed to buying them custom-made? Spending a lot of sweat equity to up the home's equity is the ultimate goal in each episode, and Matthews helps the homeowners make the proper design choices to remain in line with that objective.

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