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One Tree Hill

The experiences of young adults juggling parenthood, careers and romance. 

Sophia Bush, Bethany Galeotti, James Lafferty, Robert Buckley, Austin Nichols, Shantel Vansanten, Jackson Brundage, Lee Norris, Lisa Goldstein, Paul Johansson, Antwon Tanner, Barbara Woods, Chad michael Murray, Hilarie Burton, Moira Kelly, Craig Sheffer, Barry Corbin, Samantha Shelton, Stephen Colletti, Jana Kramer

Mark Schwahn (Executive Producer), Joe Davola (Executive Producer), Greg Prange (Executive Producer), Mike Tollin (Executive Producer), Brian Robbins (Executive Producer), Sophia Bush (Director), Brian Ridings (Writer), Mike Herro (Writer), David Strauss (Writer), Joe Davola (Director), Mark Schwahn (Writer), Mark Schwahn (Director), Ian Biggins (Writer), Peter Kowalski (Director), Johnny Richardson (Writer), Greg Prange (Director), Austin Nichols (Director), Roger Grant (Writer), James Lafferty (Director), Shaina Fewell (Writer), Nikki Schiefelbein (Writer), Les Butler (Director), Lenn Rosenfeld (Writer), Paul Johansson (Director), Duane Clark (Director), Ann Hamilton (Writer), Rachel Specter (Writer), Audrey Wauchope (Writer), Steven Goldfried (Director), John Norris (Writer), Chad Graves (Director), Bethany Galeotti (Director), Michael Leone (Director), William Brown (Writer), Renee Intlekofer (Writer), Mike Daniels (Writer), Jessica Landaw (Director), Terrence Coli (Writer), Karen Gist (Writer), Karin Gist (Writer), Janice Cooke (Director), Liz Friedlander (Director), Clark Mathis (Director), Chris Armstrong (Writer), Bryan Gracia (Writer), David Handelman (Writer), Erica Dunton (Director), Chad michael Murray (Director), Chad michael Murray (Writer), Bradley Walsh (Director), Michael Daniels (Writer), John Norris (Director), William Brown (Director), Terrence Coli (Director), Stuart Gillard (Director), Elisa Delson (Writer), Zachary Haynes (Writer), Thomas Wright (Director), Adele Lim (Writer), David Jackson (Director), Michael Lange (Director), Jim Lee (Writer), Moira Kelly (Director), Michelle Furtney-goodman (Writer), Dawn Urbont (Writer), John Asher (Director), Bethany Rooney (Director), Billy Dickson (Director), Bill Brown (Writer), R. lee Fleming jr. (Writer), James Stoteraux (Writer), Chad Fiveash (Writer), David Paymer (Director), Anna Lotto (Writer), Stacy Rukeyser (Writer), Kevin Dowling (Director), Marita Grabiak (Director), Jennifer Cecil (Writer), Mark Perry (Writer), Babu Subramaniam (Director), Matt Shakman (Director), Zev l. Shapiro (Director), R. lee Flemming jr. (Writer), Sandy Bookstaver (Director), Joanna Kerns (Director), David Carson (Director), Perry Lang (Director), Edward Kitsis (Writer), Adam Horowitz (Writer), Karyn Usher (Writer), John Behring (Director), Sandy Smolan (Director), Jessica Queller (Writer), Keith Samples (Director), Mike Kelley (Writer), John Kretchmer (Director), Robert duncan Mcneill (Director), Jason Moore (Director), Michael Grossman (Director), Bryan Gordon (Director)

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One Tree Hill

Following a four-year jump in time, the 20-somethings of Tree Hill find more questions than answers as they try to keep their dreams alive and their friendships intact. Haley faces the challenges of running a busy cafe and raising two children while her husband, Nathan, spends more time on the road as an agent. Married with twins, Julian and Brooke tackle burgeoning careers, while Chase, Nathan's friend and business partner, pursues a romantic relationship with Quinn. Together this group continues to share experiences as they work towards defining what their lives will be.

Current cast
Sophia Bush as Brooke Davis
Bethany Galeotti as Haley James-Scott
James Lafferty as Nathan Scott
Robert Buckley as Clay Evans
Austin Nichols as Julian Baker
Shantel Vansanten as Quinn James
Jackson Brundage as Jamie Scott
Lee Norris as Mouth McFadden
Lisa Goldstein as Millicent Huxtable
Paul Johansson as Dan Scott

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