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Documentaries focus on science, the natural world, history and research. 

09:00 PM
"Surviving the Tsunami: A Nova Special Presentation"  Survivors of the March tsunami in Japan recall their experiences.  (Repeat) KYNE

This long-running, award-winning documentary series focuses on science, its many applications, speculation, history and researchers. Inspired by the BBC documentary program ``Horizons, '' the U.S. series frequently features interviews with scientists directly involved in the topic at hand, and sometimes even boasts footage of a particular discovery.

Henry Cusick (Actor) , Frances O'connor (Actor) , Aidan Mcardle (Actor) , Shirley Henderson (Actor) , Emily Woof (Actor)

Lance Newman (Narrator) , Jay o. Saunders (Narrator) , Harrison Ford (Narrator) , David Pogue (Host) , Richard Smith (Host) , Brian Greene (Host)

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