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Secrets of the Dead

Exploring mysteries of the past. 

Jay Sanders (Narrator), Liev Schreiber (Narrator), George Clooney (Narrator)

01:00 AM
"JFK: One PM Central Standard Time"  Reporting from Dallas and the New York CBS Newsroom the day President John F. Kennedy was shot, including Walter Cronkite's emotional announcement that the president had died; Dan Rather, Bob Schieffer, Marvin Kalb and Marianne Means.  (Repeat) WNET
10:00 PM
"Ben Franklin's Bones"  Human skeletal remains found in the basement of Ben Franklin's British residence may have been used for science.  (Repeat) KYNE
Secrets of the Dead

Experts use modern forensic techniques to shed new light on historical mysteries such as the sinking of the Andrea Doria and the riddle of whether a weather or geological event of some kind might have triggered the Dark Ages.

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Jay Sanders

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