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New Girl

After going through a bad breakup, a woman in her late 20s moves in with three single guys. 

Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Lamorne Morris, Hannah Simone, Damon Wayans jr.

Liz Meriwether (Executive Producer), Jake Kasdan (Executive Producer), Peter Chernin (Executive Producer), Katherine Pope (Executive Producer), Dave Finkel (Executive Producer), Brett Baer (Executive Producer), Lamorne Morris (Writer), Jake Kasdan (Director)

06:00 AM
"The 23rd"  The gang goes to Schmidt's holiday office party; Jess frets over an expensive gift from Paul.  (Repeat) MTV
06:30 AM
"Story of the 50"  When Schmidt's birthday plans fall through, Jess decides to put together a celebration; Nick brings a first date to Schmidt's party; a $50 bill shows up in the douchebag jar.  (Repeat) MTV
07:00 AM
"Jess and Julia"  Nick becomes anxious when Julia doesn't want to label their relationship; Jess asks Julia for help getting out of a traffic ticket; Schmidt wants to know why his shower towel is always damp.  (Repeat) MTV
07:30 AM
"The Landlord"  Despite Nick's protests, Jess vows to befriend their cantankerous landlord, but her efforts end up revealing the changes the guys have made to the apartment; Schmidt thinks his boss is sending him mixed signals.  (Repeat) MTV
11:00 AM
"Fancyman"  Jess reluctantly accepts a date with a student's wealthy father; Nick tries to buy a new cell phone; Winston and Schmidt get competitive during a game of trivia.  (Repeat) MTV
11:35 AM
"Fancyman"  Jess' date with Russell does not go as planned; Nick's college friend tries to help him get over Julia; Schmidt and Cece's relationship is discovered.  (Repeat) MTV
12:10 PM
"Secrets"  When Jess learns Cece has been keeping a secret, their friendship is put to the test; Winston can't handle being the only one who knows the secret; Nick asks Schmidt for dating advice.  (Repeat) MTV
12:45 PM
"Normal"  Jess nervously invites Russell to spend the weekend at the loft; Winston gets a job at a sports radio station.  (Repeat) MTV
01:20 PM
"Kids"  Jess baby-sits Russell's daughter and meets his ex-wife; Schmidt and CeCe have a pregnancy scare; Nick's girlfriend might be too young for him.  (Repeat) MTV
01:55 PM
"Tomatoes"  Jess worries that she and Russell don't share the same passion as he did with his ex-wife; Cece, unwilling to admit her feelings, encourages Schmidt to go out with her roommate; Nick works on a vegetable garden.  (Repeat) MTV
New Girl

After going through a rough breakup, awkward and upbeat Jess (Zooey Deschanel) moves in with three single guys. Intelligent and witty Nick is an underachiever who took the bartender off-ramp on his road to success. Schmidt obsesses over his social standing and looks at Jess as a personal project. Winston is a competitive former athlete who, after realizing he will never become a pro, moves into the loft. Together with Jess' best friend, Cece, they bond to form an unlikely, and dysfunctional, family.

Current cast
Zooey Deschanel as Jess Day
Jake Johnson as Nick
Max Greenfield as Schmidt
Lamorne Morris as Winston
Hannah Simone as Cece
Damon Wayans jr. as Coach

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