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The Simpsons

Homer and Marge Simpson raise Bart, Lisa and baby Maggie. 

04:00 PM
"Bart the General"  Bart's grandfather comes to his aid after he is beaten up by a bully.  (Repeat) FXX
04:30 PM
"Lisa's Date With Density"  School bully Nelson Muntz becomes the object of Lisa's first crush; Homer discovers electronic panhandling.  (Repeat) FXX
05:00 PM
"Bye Bye Nerdy"  Lisa tries to figure out why the new girl picks on smart children; Homer baby-proofs the house for Maggie.  (Repeat) FXX
05:30 PM
"24 Minutes"  Counter Truancy Unit agents Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brian help Bart and Lisa stop bullies from releasing a stink bomb.  (Repeat) FXX
06:00 PM
"Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life"  Fearing that she will end up like Marge, Lisa pledges to focus solely on her academics and not get distracted by other things; Bart puts Nelson in his place and unintentionally earns the title of school bully.  (Repeat) FXX
06:30 PM
"The Spy Who Learned Me"  Marge and Homer go on a date, but Marge is embarrassed when Homer talks during the movie; when Homer gets hurt and can't work, he tries to learn how to be a better husband from a man he believes is a movie star.  (Repeat) FXX
07:00 PM
"The Winter of His Content"  When Retirement Castle is closed, Marge asks Grampa and two other octogenarians to move in; Nelson befriends Bart after Bart defends him.  (Repeat) FXX
07:30 PM
"Specs and the City"  When Marge tries Homer's new high-tech glasses on, he learns she's seeing a marriage counselor; Bart refuses to buy Nelson a Valentine's Day card.  (Repeat) FXX
08:00 PM
"Bull-E"  When Bart is bullied at a dance, Marge gets the town to pass anti-bullying legislation; Homer is sent to rehab for bullying Flanders.  (Repeat) WNYW
06:00 PM
"The Crepes of Wrath"  An exchange program sends Bart to France and an Albanian to Springfield.  (Repeat) FXX
The Simpsons

This long-running animated comedy focuses on the eponymous family in the town of Springfield in an unnamed U.S. state. The head of the Simpson family, Homer, is not a typical family man. A nuclear-plant employee, he does his best to lead his family but often finds that they are leading him. The family includes loving, blue-haired matriarch Marge, troublemaking son Bart, overachieving daughter Lisa and baby Maggie. Other Springfield residents include the family's religious neighbor, Ned Flanders, family physician Dr. Hibbert, Moe the bartender and police chief Clancy Wiggum.

Current cast
Dan Castellaneta as Homer J. Simpson/Barney Gumble/Grandpa Simpson/Mayor Joe Quimby/Krusty the Klown/Groundskeeper Willi
Julie Kavner as Marjorie Bouvier Simpson/ Patty Bouvier/Selma Bouvier/Grandma Jackie Bouvier
Nancy Cartwright as Bartholomew Jo-Jo ``Bart'' Simpson
Yeardley Smith as Lisa Marie Simpson
Hank Azaria as Moe Szyslak/Apu Nahasapeemapetilon/Chief Clancy Wiggum/Dr. Nick Riviera
Harry Shearer as Charles Montgomery Burns/Waylon Smithers/Principal Seymour Skinner/Ned Flanders/Otto Mann/Scratchy/K
Tress Macneille as Dolph
Pamela Hayden as Milhouse

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