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The Simpsons

Homer and Marge Simpson raise Bart, Lisa and baby Maggie. 

07:30 PM
"New Kids on the Blecch"  Bart, Milhouse, Ralph and Nelson are recruited by boy-band creator L.T. Smash; NSYNC pays a visit to Springfield.  (Repeat) FXX
08:00 PM
"The Color Yellow"  When Lisa discovers that her Southern ancestors helped a slave escape to freedom, she presents the story during Black History Month.  (Repeat) FXX
08:30 PM
"Chief of Hearts"  While finishing court-ordered community service, Homer befriends Chief Wiggum; Bart develops an addiction to a Japanese game.  (Repeat) FXX
09:00 PM
"Homer the Father"  When Homer insists Bart must earn the new dirt bike he wants, Bart comes up with a scheme; James Lipton interviews a TV cast.  (Repeat) FXX
09:30 PM
"Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts"  When superintendent Chalmers is fired for taking Bart and his friends on an unauthorized field trip, the boys hold the school hostage until he is reinstated.  (Repeat) FXX
10:00 PM
"Homer Goes to Prep School"  Homer joins a survivalist group whose leader has set up a retreat to prepare for the end of the world, despite Marge's skepticism about the group's shenanigans.  (Repeat) FXX
10:30 PM
"Diggs"  A recent transfer student named Diggs rescues Bart from a confrontation with bullies.  (Repeat) FXX
11:00 PM
"The Italian Bob"  Homer brings the whole family along when he is sent to Italy to pick up a new sports car for Mr. Burns.  (Repeat) FXX
11:30 PM
"The Heartbroke Kid"  When Bart endangers his health by bingeing on vending-machine food, the Simpsons turn their home into a hostel in order to afford sending him to a forced starvation facility.  (Repeat) FXX
11:30 PM
"The Kid Is Alright"  Lisa is dismayed to learn that her new friend is a Republican, and that they are running against each other for the post of second-grade representative.  (Repeat) WNYW
The Simpsons

This long-running animated comedy focuses on the eponymous family in the town of Springfield in an unnamed U.S. state. The head of the Simpson family, Homer, is not a typical family man. A nuclear-plant employee, he does his best to lead his family but often finds that they are leading him. The family includes loving, blue-haired matriarch Marge, troublemaking son Bart, overachieving daughter Lisa and baby Maggie. Other Springfield residents include the family's religious neighbor, Ned Flanders, family physician Dr. Hibbert, Moe the bartender and police chief Clancy Wiggum.

Current cast
Dan Castellaneta as Homer J. Simpson/Barney Gumble/Grandpa Simpson/Mayor Joe Quimby/Krusty the Klown/Groundskeeper Willi
Julie Kavner as Marjorie Bouvier Simpson/ Patty Bouvier/Selma Bouvier/Grandma Jackie Bouvier
Nancy Cartwright as Bartholomew Jo-Jo ``Bart'' Simpson
Yeardley Smith as Lisa Marie Simpson
Hank Azaria as Moe Szyslak/Apu Nahasapeemapetilon/Chief Clancy Wiggum/Dr. Nick Riviera
Harry Shearer as Charles Montgomery Burns/Waylon Smithers/Principal Seymour Skinner/Ned Flanders/Otto Mann/Scratchy/K
Tress Macneille as Dolph
Pamela Hayden as Milhouse

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