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The King of Queens

"Meet By-Product"

Carrie and Doug reminisce about how they first met, remembering that it certainly wasn't love at first sight.  (Repeat)

Wed 3/11 3:00 AM  TVLAND
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-PG
Sitcom, Holiday, Valentine's Day, Interests, Comedy

Kevin James, Leah Remini, Larry Romano, Kara Zediker (Guest Star), Jason Packham (Guest Star), Laura Otis (Guest Star)

Michael Weithorn (Executive Producer), Rob Schiller (Director), David Litt (Writer)

02:30 PM
"Strike One"  Doug splurges on a new car against Carrie's better judgment, and the bad decision immediately comes back to haunt them.  (Repeat) TBS
03:00 PM
"Strike Too"  With nothing to do during the IPS strike, Doug tries substitute teaching at the school at which his sister, Stephanie, works.  (Repeat) TBS
03:30 PM
"Strike Out"  Carrie and Kelly plan a get-together for Doug, Deacon and Arthur to keep them from going crazy during the strike.  (Repeat) TBS
04:00 PM
"Hi, School"  When Doug makes a delivery to his former high school, the football coach treats him like a hero, so Doug begins stopping by more often.  (Repeat) WSBK
04:30 PM
"Walk, Man"  In an effort to spend more time with Carrie, Doug hires someone to take Arthur for a walk three times a week.  (Repeat) WSBK
10:00 PM
"Dog Days"  A barking dog means sleepless nights for Doug and Carrie; Arthur thinks that a popular comic strip is based on his life.  (Repeat) TVLAND
10:30 PM
"Hungry Man"  Carrie is embarrassed by Doug when he shows up unexpectedly and famished at her boss's elegant "drinks-only" cocktail party.  (Repeat) TVLAND
11:00 PM
"Court Date"  Doug encourages Carrie to date the police officer who stopped her, hoping to get out of her fourth traffic ticket of the year and avoid a hefty increase in their car insurance.  (Repeat) TVLAND
11:30 PM
"White Collar"  Doug inherits his shift supervisor's job after an untimely death but soon misses his old responsibilities.  (Repeat) TVLAND
09:00 AM
"Work Related"  Arthur accepts a job at Carrie's company; Doug and Deacon compete for a place in their company's calendar of hunks.  (Repeat) TBS
The King of Queens

Doug Heffernan puts in a long day's work delivering parcels and comes home each night to his loving wife, Carrie; unfortunately, he also comes home to his wacko father-in-law, Arthur.

Current cast
Kevin James as Doug Heffernan
Leah Remini as Carrie Heffernan
Jerry Stiller as Arthur Spooner
Victor Williams as Deacon Palmer
Patton Oswalt as Spence Olchin
Gary Valentine as Danny Heffernan

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