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Cougar Town

"Mystery Man"

A wealthy man tries to get Jules' attention by feigning interest in an overpriced home; Ellie tries to prove that she trusts her husband.  (Repeat)

Thu 8/6 1:30 AM  TBS
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-PG
Sitcom, Comedy

Courteney Cox, Christa Miller, Busy Philipps, Dan Byrd, Josh Hopkins, Ian Gomez, Brian Van holt, Scott Foley (Guest Star), Aaron Blake (Guest Star)

Bill Lawrence (Executive Producer), Courteney Cox (Executive Producer), David Arquette (Executive Producer), Kevin Biegel (Writer), Christine Pietrosh (Writer), Jessica Goldstein (Writer), John Putch (Director)

01:30 AM
"Two Gunslingers"  Determined to have a fun birthday, Jules convinces Ellie and Laurie to go away with her for a wild weekend; Jules runs into her nemesis.  (Repeat) TBS
01:30 AM
"Here Comes My Girl"  Jules and her friends hope to make a memorable first impression on Travis' new girlfriend; Grayson and Bobby find they have a common interest.  (Repeat) TBS
01:30 AM
"Mystery Man"  A wealthy man tries to get Jules' attention by feigning interest in an overpriced home; Ellie tries to prove that she trusts her husband.  (Repeat) TBS
01:30 AM
"Rhino Skin"  Jules and Ellie try to get an appointment with the meanest dermatologist in town; Travis gets a job working for Barb.  (Repeat) TBS
11:30 PM
"Scare Easy"  Things heat up between Jules and Jeff; Andy reveals his big secret.  (Repeat) TBS
12:00 AM
"Stop Dragging My Heart Around"  Following her breakup with Jeff, Jules turns to Bobby for solace; Laurie discovers a common thread between Jules and Grayson; Travis' plans with his girlfriend do not go as planned.  (Repeat) TBS
01:30 AM
"All the Wrong Reasons"  An attractive tennis instructor gets between Ellie and Jules; Laurie turns to Travis to be her conscience; Andy and Grayson try to comfort heartbroken Bobby.  (Repeat) TBS
01:30 AM
"When a Kid Goes Bad"  Julie and Bobby take opposing sides when Travis asks to go to a party where there will be drinking involved.  (Repeat) TBS
01:30 AM
"What Are You Doin' in My Life?"  Laurie's mother stirs things up; a woman mugs Bobby; Travis helps Barb after her latest cosmetic surgery procedure.  (Repeat) TBS
Cougar Town

A divorced mother must face the harsh realities of dating and aging in a youth- and beauty-obsessed culture. Having spent her 20s tackling the responsibilities of marriage and motherhood, she finds that her 40s are a journey of self-discovery amid friends, family and an ex-husband who all offer advice. Members of her dysfunctional but supportive extended family, ``the cul-de-sac crew,'' include sarcastic confidante Ellie, across-the-street neighbor Grayson, feisty protege Laurie and witty son Travis.

Current cast
Courteney Cox as Jules Cobb
Christa Miller as Ellie Torres
Busy Philipps as Laurie Keller
Dan Byrd as Travis Cobb
Josh Hopkins as Grayson Ellis
Ian Gomez as Andy Torres
Brian Van holt as Bobby Cobb

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