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"Uncle Stevie's Squid Pit and BBQ"

Contestants face obstacles including Boat Bouys, Swept Away, Ocean Commotion and Panic Hammocks.  (Repeat)

Tue 7/22 4:00 AM  TRUTV
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-PG
Game Show, Reality, Action Adventure, Interests, Daytime

John Anderson (Host), John Henson (Host), Vanessa Lachey (Host), Matt Kunitz (Executive Producer), Scott Larsen (Executive Producer)

08:00 PM
"Win a Date With Jill"  Twenty-four bachelors try to impress Jill Wagner as they tackle obstacles that include Pillars of Atlantis, Jill's Apartment and The Classic Sweeper.  WABC
04:00 AM
"Wheel of Misfortune"  Two high school students, a competitive dad and a dinner detective compete.  (Repeat) TRUTV
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"Hotties vs. Nerds 3.0"  Twelve nerds and 12 beauties battle it out as they face obstacles that include Medieval Castle, Candy Shop and Octopushy.  (Repeat) TRUTV
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"Boss and Employee"  Bosses compete with their employees.  (Repeat) TRUTV
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"Snakes on the Plains"  Contestants face obstacles including Snakes on the Plains, Pulling Teeth and the Hangover.  (Repeat) TRUTV
04:00 AM
"Winners and Losers"  Former "Wipeout" champions team with memorable, but less-successful former contestants and tackle obstacles that include Mash-Mallows, Grin and Bear It, and Big Balls.  (Repeat) TRUTV
02:00 PM
"All-American Wipeout"  Twenty-four all-American contestants -- including The Mulleted Menace and Patriotic Pants -- tackle the Backyard Barbecue and Baseball Bash.  (Repeat) WABC
08:00 PM
"Flush Hour"  WABC
04:00 AM
"Uncle Stevie's Squid Pit and BBQ"  Contestants face obstacles including Boat Bouys, Swept Away, Ocean Commotion and Panic Hammocks.  (Repeat) TRUTV
04:00 AM
"Wipeout Salutes the Armed Forces"  Military men and women compete, facing obstacles including Private Bee-jamin, Drill Sergeant and Hangover.  (Repeat) TRUTV

In this reality competition, contestants try to navigate an extreme obstacle course that has been designed to provoke an unprecedented number of crashes, face plants and wipeouts, with one competitor taking home a $50,000 prize each week. We're guessing you're not going to see this show among next year's crop of Humanitas Prize nominees. Hosts John Anderson and John Henson call the play-by-play while a sideline reporter interviews contestants on the course, as well as getting a word or two from the winner at the end of the show.

Current cast
John Anderson John Henson Jill Wagner

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