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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

"Winner Takes Off"

Will and Carlton convince Geoffrey that he has won a multimillion-dollar lottery. With James Avery.  (Repeat)

Fri 5/8 4:30 PM  BET
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-PG
Sitcom, Comedy

Will Smith, James Avery, Janet Hubert-whitten, Alfonso Ribeiro, Karyn Parsons, Tatyana Ali, Joseph Marcell, Jack Heller (Guest Star), Cheri Caspari (Guest Star), Christina Harley (Guest Star)

Quincy Jones (Executive Producer), Winifred Stallworth (Executive Producer), Werner Walian (Producer), Werner Walian (Director)

11:00 AM
"The Baby Comes Out"  Will and Uncle Phil get stuck in an elevator just as Vivian is about to give birth. With Charlayne Woodard.  (Repeat) MTV
11:35 AM
"You Bet Your Life"  The boys gamble away their money to a female card shark who takes a fancy to Carlton, making her boyfriend jealous.  (Repeat) MTV
12:10 PM
"Ain't No Business Like Show Business"  Will welcomes a childhood friend who is in L.A. to compete in a comedy club showcase. With James Avery.  (Repeat) MTV
12:45 PM
"The Way We Were"  Aunt Vivian and Uncle Phil decide to renew their wedding vows on their 25th wedding anniversary. With Will Smith.  (Repeat) MTV
03:40 PM
"She Ain't Heavy"  Will sees beyond a blind date's size to the woman within; Philip gets hooked on a home shopping channel.  (Repeat) BET
04:20 PM
"Cased Up"  Will buys a used car and promptly crashes into a law student's vehicle. Malcolm-Jamal Warner guest stars.  (Repeat) BET
05:00 PM
"Hi Ho Silver"  Will and Carlton suspect a party guest of stealing the family silver and plot to steal it back.  (Repeat) BET
09:30 PM
"72 Hours"  Carlton spends three days in Jazz's neighborhood after being challenged by Will.  (Repeat) NIK
09:30 PM
"72 Hours"  Carlton spends three days in Jazz's neighborhood after being challenged by Will.  (Repeat) NIK
10:30 PM
"Just Infatuation"  Ashley's birthday wish comes true when her idol, Little T, attends her party. Stars Will Smith.  (Repeat) NIK
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Will Smith more or less plays himself in this good-natured NBC sitcom. As the show's popular theme song explains, fictional Will's mom sends him away from his rough Philadelphia neighborhood to live with wealthy Uncle Phil and Aunt Vivian in Bel-Air. Will often has fun at the expense of stuck-up cousins Carlton and Hilary.

Current cast
Will Smith as Will Smith
James Avery as Philip Banks
Daphne Reid as Vivian Banks
Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton Banks
Janet Hubert-whitten as Vivian Banks
Joseph Marcell as Geoffrey
Tatyana Ali as Ashley Banks
Karyn Parsons as Hilary Banks
Ross Bagley as Nicholas ``Nicky'' Banks

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