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The Garfield Show

"It's a Cat's World; Mailman Blues"

Garfield is stuck in a parallel world where cats switch places with humans; Herman the postman goes on vacation.  (Repeat)

Thu 3/12 10:00 AM  BOOM
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-Y7
Kids, Comedy, Animated, Interests

10:30 PM
"Neighbor Nathan; History of Dog"  Odie befriends a young neighbor; Garfield discovers that dogs do have some use.  (Repeat) BOOM
10:00 AM
"King Nermal; Desperately Seeking Pookie"  Garfield hatches baby birds.  (Repeat) BOOM
10:30 AM
"High Scale; Jon's Night Out"  Garfield is unhappy with his new diet; Jon has trouble sleeping.  (Repeat) BOOM
02:00 PM
"Rain or Shine; The Mole Express"  (Repeat) BOOM
02:30 PM
"Unfair Weather, Parts 1 & 2"  Jon brings Drusilla and Minerva camping; a single cloud produces strange weather.  (Repeat) BOOM
05:00 PM
"Ticket to Riches; Gravity of the Situation"  Jon loses a winning lottery ticket; Eddie Gourmand wants Jon to illustrate a book.  (Repeat) BOOM
05:30 PM
"The Art of Being Uncute; Night of the Bunny Slippers"  Garfield helps Nermal with a beauty contest; Garfield and Odie have to sleep outside when Aunt Ivy comes for a visit.  (Repeat) BOOM
10:00 PM
"Up a Tree; It's a Cheese World"  Garfield gets bored; Squeak and his friends beg Garfield to take them to a theme park made of cheese.  (Repeat) BOOM
10:30 PM
"Nice to Nermal; Out on a Limb"  Nermal finds missing Pooky; Garfield's instincts get him stuck in a tree.  (Repeat) BOOM
10:00 AM
"Not So Sweet Sound; Turkey Trouble"  Jon finds an old accordion; Jon wins a live turkey.  (Repeat) BOOM

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