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Regular Show

"Every Meat Burritos"

The guys want to get Every Meat Burritos from the Jimbros' Burritos drive-thru.  (Repeat)

Sun 4/27 11:00 AM  TOON
Duration: 15 minutes
Rated: TV-PG
Comedy, Animated, Interests

01:00 PM
"Skips' Story"  Skips tells Rigby and Mordecai the story of how he became immortal.  (Repeat) TOON
01:30 PM
"Caveman"  Mordecai and Rigby try to civilize a caveman so he will be allowed to stay in the park.  (Repeat) TOON
01:45 PM
"This Is My Jam"  Rigby gets an awful song stuck in his head.  (Repeat) TOON
02:00 PM
"World's Best Boss"  The park employees want to give Benson a special mug.  (Repeat) TOON
02:15 PM
"Country Club"  Mordecai and Rigby must save the golf cart from rich people at a country club.  (Repeat) TOON
10:00 AM
"Skips Stress"  Skips has to lower his stress level before it kills him.  (Repeat) TOON
10:15 AM
"The Last Laserdisc Player"  The guys want to get a laserdisc player so they can watch the director's cut of a cult classic.  (Repeat) TOON
10:30 AM
"Stick Hockey"  Benson tries to make amends after throwing out Mordecai and Rigby's stick hockey table.  (Repeat) TOON
10:45 AM
"Grave Sights"  Mordecai and Rigby battle zombies to earn a day off.  (Repeat) TOON
11:00 AM
"Skips' Story"  Skips tells Rigby and Mordecai the story of how he became immortal.  (Repeat) TOON
Regular Show

Mordecai, a blue jay, and raccoon Rigby are groundskeepers at a park. But these best friends are lazy and don't let their jobs interfere with their ability to have fun. While Mordecai tries to be responsible and do a good job, he's frequently led astray by his immature pal, who is totally without fear or shame, and has no boundaries at all. The friends often end up having to pay for their irresponsible actions as they usually get into more trouble than they anticipated. Their slacking off at work causes much chagrin for their hot-tempered gumball machine boss, Benson.

Current cast
J.g. Quintel as Mordecai
William Salyers as Rigby
Sam Marin as Benson

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