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Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Guy Fieri drives coast to coast, sampling classic road food. 

Guy Fieri (Host)

12:30 AM
"Taste of Asia"  In Las Vegas, sushi and traditional udon, and a joint serving righteous pork and putting an Asian spin on classic grilled cheese; in Denver, a meaty all-you-can eat flavorfest.  (Repeat) FOOD
01:00 AM
"Turn on Traditional"  Pork chile verde at a Mexican joint in Chesterfield; cod cakes and lobster mac and cheese in Boston; Rueben fritters and Irish meatloaf in Syracuse.  (Repeat) FOOD
01:30 AM
"Roadtrippin'"  In Atlantic City, N.J., crab-stuffed flounder and a legit spin on cannelloni; in Phoenix, a pizza shop fires up pies topped with everything from baked ziti to chicken Marsala; in Bakersfield, Calif., tri-tip and grilled chicken.  (Repeat) FOOD
02:00 AM
"Dynamite Duos"  In New York's Lower East Side, pickling, smoking, curing and fermenting, everything from the goat necks to chicken wings; in Eureka, Calif., Mediterranean favorites; in Miami, Fla., whole fried snapper and beer braised baby back ribs.  (Repeat) FOOD
02:30 AM
"Pubs and Grub"  Classic British pub cooks gourmet grilled cheese and porchetta; a brewing station serves shrimp and grits with craft made beers; a corner spot serves pasta loaded with little neck clams.  (Repeat) FOOD
06:00 PM
"Globetrottin'"  International flavors found in the U.S.  (Repeat) FOOD
06:30 PM
"Stacked, Stuffed and Loaded"  A joint serving more than 20 burgers; a restaurant that slow-smokes barbecued pork; a family-run taqueria.  (Repeat) FOOD
07:00 PM
"Burgers 'n More"  Burgers with cold cuts and chili in California; 63-year-old deep-frying double burger joint in Washington, D.C; Greek burger restaurant in Nashville.  (Repeat) FOOD
07:30 PM
"Fresh and Funky"  Fresh and different food.  (Repeat) FOOD
11:00 PM
"Signature Twists"  BLT with homemade bacon; jambalaya and green bean casserole; wood-fired pizza.  (Repeat) FOOD
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

With roadside diners, vintage drive-ins and out-of-the-way ``dives'' enjoying a resurgence of hipness among foodies, host Guy Fieri travels across America in search of some of the best ``greasy spoon'' eateries. The restaurants that Guy visits are usually well-known among locals and other people in the region. While at each location, Fieri talks to the staff as well as the customers to get their thoughts on the food. Many episodes feature eateries that are connected by a common thread, such as burgers or comfort foods.

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Guy Fieri

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