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Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

"Global Comfort"

Mofongo; homemade focaccia and stuffed meatballs.  (Repeat)

Sat 9/5 3:00 AM  FOOD
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-G
Cooking, Travel, Interests

Guy Fieri (Host)

03:00 AM
"Global Comfort"  Mofongo; homemade focaccia and stuffed meatballs.  (Repeat) FOOD
03:30 AM
"Seafood & Sammies"  Fried oyster po' boy; fries topped with seafood chowder; beer battered brisket panini.  (Repeat) FOOD
03:00 PM
"Cross-Country Classics"  In Boston, chicken and waffles and off-the-hook tots; in Carmel, Calif., biscuits and gravy and brisket chili; in Superior, Wis., a house-cured meat pizza.  (Repeat) FOOD
07:00 PM
"Crankin' Up the Classics"  Pizza and fresh pasta; gumbo and burgers with brisket.  (Repeat) FOOD
07:30 PM
"Seriously Saucy"  In Cincinnati, barbecued chicken and vegan chili; in Boston, lemongrass chicken and sloppy Joes; in Jackson, Wyo., scratch-made ramen and pork ragout.  (Repeat) FOOD
08:00 PM
"BBQ Road Show"  Classic beef brisket and Carolina pork; fresh sausage and slow-cooked ribs.  (Repeat) FOOD
08:30 PM
"Homeland Favorites"  In Richfield, Minn., tacos al pastor and carnitas tamales; in Denver, lamb ribs and a unique dessert specialty; in Atlanta, shrimp and grits and biscuits and gravy.  (Repeat) FOOD
09:00 PM
"Tri-Continent Cuisine"  Killer cuisine spanning three different continents; in Denver, a creative take on Indian curry; across town, a Brazilian bistro cooking up croquettes and an abundant seafood specialty; in Atlanta, stacked mega-meat sandwiches.  (Repeat) FOOD
09:30 PM
"Meat Lover's Paradise"  In Portland, Ore., a chef who butchers, cures, preserves and smokes everything in-house; in San Carlos, Calif., a neighborhood spot featuring burgers, cheesesteaks and signature sandwiches.  (Repeat) FOOD
10:00 PM
"From Biscuits to Brisket"  In Atlanta, righteous chicken and biscuits and house-cured lox; across town, brisket burger and chicken-fried ribs; in Fort Collins, Colo., vegetarian specialties like tomatillo and chickpea pizza and a savory cauliflower steak.  (Repeat) FOOD
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

With roadside diners, vintage drive-ins and out-of-the-way ``dives'' enjoying a resurgence of hipness among foodies, host Guy Fieri travels across America in search of some of the best ``greasy spoon'' eateries. The restaurants that Guy visits are usually well-known among locals and other people in the region. While at each location, Fieri talks to the staff as well as the customers to get their thoughts on the food. Many episodes feature eateries that are connected by a common thread, such as burgers or comfort foods.

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Guy Fieri

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