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Ryan struggles to make his way in the world until he meets his neighbor's dog, Wilfred. 

Elijah Wood, Jason Gann, Fiona Gubelmann, Dorian Brown

David Zuckerman (Executive Producer), Reed Agnew (Executive Producer), Eli Jorné (Executive Producer), Jason Gann (Executive Producer), Rich Frank (Executive Producer), Jeff Kwatinetz (Executive Producer), Randall Einhorn (Executive Producer), Joe Connor (Executive Producer), Ken Connor (Executive Producer), David Zuckerman (Writer), Randall Einhorn (Director), Jack Kukoda (Writer), Ted Travelstead (Writer), Keith Heisler (Writer), David Baldy (Writer), Eli Jorné (Writer), Reed Agnew (Writer), Paul Frank (Executive Producer)

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Elijah Wood stars in this comedy based on a popular Australian series of the same name. Wood plays Ryan, a young man struggling to make his way in the world. That is, until he meets his neighbor's dog, Wilfred, and forms a unique friendship with the canine. Everyone else sees Wilfred as just a dog, but Ryan sees him as a crude, surly Australian bloke wearing a cheap dog suit. As the dog guides Ryan through a series of comedic, existential adventures, he also shows him how to overcome his fears and embrace the unpredictability and insanity of the world around him.

Current cast
Elijah Wood as Ryan
Jason Gann as Wilfred
Fiona Gubelmann as Jenna
Dorian Brown as Kristen

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