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Life can be hectic for single father and successful stand-up comedian Louie. 

02:20 AM
"A La Carte"  Louie hosts an open mike.  (Repeat) FX
02:00 AM
"Cop Story"  Louie runs into an old acquaintance.  (Repeat) FX
02:00 AM
"Something Is Wrong"  Louie breaks up with his new love interest, gets his car destroyed, buys a new motorcycle and winds up in the hospital.  (Repeat) FX
02:30 AM
"Telling Jokes/Set Up"  Louie agrees to have dinner at a comedian friend's house; Louie gets set up on a surprise blind date.  (Repeat) FX
03:00 AM
"Miami"  Louie goes to Miami and makes friends with a Cuban-American lifeguard; Louie has an awkward conversation.  (Repeat) FX
03:30 AM
"Daddy's Girlfriend"  Louie looks for a girlfriend after his kids put pressure on him to find a new mate; Louie meets a woman at a local bookstore.  (Repeat) FX

Life can be hectic for a newly single father and successful stand-up comedian -- just ask Louie, a fictionalized version of comic Louis C.K., who portrays the character. From his first meeting of the PTA to dating again and navigating the big city with two children, the comic shares pieces of his day with an appreciative audience during his stand-up gigs. The series features appearances by a number of stand-up comedians appearing in the show as fictionalized versions of themselves. In addition to starring in the show, Louis C.K. also created it.

Current cast
Louis c.k. as Louie
Ursula Parker as Jane
Hadley Delany as Lilly

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