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Ancient Aliens

Texts, archaeology and legend contain evidence of past human-extraterrestrial contact. 

Jonathan Young

Robert Clotworthy (Narrator)

08:00 AM
"The Return"  Examining possible evidence of 20th-century alien contact, including a 1942 aerial battle over Los Angeles and reports of a 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, N.M.  (Repeat) HISTORY
10:00 AM
"Aliens and Deadly Cults"  People who have claimed to have otherworldly knowledge lead followers to commit horrific acts of violence.  (Repeat) HISTORY
11:00 AM
"Secrets of the Pyramids"  A potential extraterrestrial link to pyramids.  (Repeat) HISTORY
12:00 PM
"Aliens and Cover Ups"  A man claims to have touched a UFO and been instructed to never speak of it.  (Repeat) HISTORY
01:00 PM
"The NASA Connection"  Research into alien contact in the recent past including evidence from former astronauts, secret government files, and NASA scientists.  (Repeat) HISTORY
02:00 PM
"The Einstein Factor"  A possible extraterrestrial link to human geniuses.  (Repeat) HISTORY
03:00 PM
"The Monoliths"  Extraordinary feats of construction, created without the use of advanced tools or technology, can be found from the jungles of Costa Rica to England's rural countryside.  (Repeat) HISTORY
04:00 PM
"The Anunnaki Connection"  Civilization makes a sudden advance in development as a result of the Anunnaki's presence on Earth.  (Repeat) HISTORY
05:00 PM
"The Satan Conspiracy"  Ancient texts indicate that Satan may have been an extraterrestrial who was more of an ally to humanity than an enemy by passing along knowledge that planted the seed for civilization.  (Repeat) HISTORY
06:00 PM
"Aliens and The Lost Ark"  The Ark of the Covenant is said to have divine powers.  (Repeat) HISTORY
Ancient Aliens

Investigators circle the globe in search of evidence in their quest to determine whether life on Earth began in outer space and if aliens influenced mankind in ancient times. Did extraterrestrial beings visit Earth and share information about technology and influence human religions? And more importantly, if aliens visited the planet before, will they return? Alien theorists believe that the answer to both questions is a resounding yes.

Current cast
Jonathan Young Robert Clotworthy

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