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Modern Marvels


Rolling mills; the creation of aluminum foil; aluminum bats.  (Repeat)

Tue 4/29 7:00 AM  H2
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-PG
Documentary, History

Charlie Maday (Executive Producer), Gerald w. Abrams (Executive Producer)

07:00 AM
"Locomotives"  The history of locomotives; the oldest diesel; the fastest locomotive that travels the French countryside.  (Repeat) HISTORY
08:00 AM
"More Engineering Disasters"  Attempts to create modern marvels collapse.  (Repeat) HISTORY
09:00 AM
"Engineering Disasters 10"  Tropicana Casino Garage collapse; Transvaal Aqua Park roof collapse; gas-storage explosion; Bhopal chemical plant disaster.  (Repeat) HISTORY
10:00 AM
"Pocket Tools"  Items carried in people's pockets.  (Repeat) HISTORY
11:00 AM
"Weird Machines"  Some machines built for sheer spectacle.  (Repeat) HISTORY
12:00 PM
"Ropes & Chains"  High-flying workers who depend on rope to do their jobs safely; how window washers, rock climbers and bungee jumpers safely use ropes; dockworkers who rely on ropes around the clock; industrial chain links.  (Repeat) HISTORY
01:00 PM
"Nuclear Tech"  Nuclear technology has uses in medicine, food preparation and radiation detection.  (Repeat) HISTORY
02:00 PM
"Built by Hand"  A pilot who builds his own jet-powered glider; canoe makers in Montana; a knife maker in Washington; craftsmen keep alive the ancient art of weapon making; Skulls International in Oklahoma City; handmade special effects.  (Repeat) HISTORY
03:00 PM
"Tiny Weapons"  Small weapons can have a big impact on the battlefield.  (Repeat) HISTORY
04:00 PM
"World's Strongest III"  Mechanical feats of strength by the world's most-powerful elevators, a monster mine machine, the world's strongest mountain bike, a space vehicle transporter and an unbeatable blender.  (Repeat) HISTORY
Modern Marvels

Celebrating ingenuity, invention and imagination on a grand scale, ``Modern Marvels'' tells the amazing stories of the doers, dreamers and sometime-schemers who create everyday items, technological advancements and manmade wonders. The Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and 1990s technology are just a few of the many topics that have been covered during the long-running series' run.

Charlie Maday (Executive Producer) , Gerald w. Abrams (Executive Producer)

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