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American Pickers

Antique and collectible hunters roam the country in search of rare finds. 

Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz

Tim Healy (Director), Susan Werbe (Director)

12:01 AM
"The Einstein Gamble"  A former firefighter gives the guys unprecedented access to his jam-packed barns and sheds; a glittering collection of oddities and memorabilia; the first glimpse of the new store addition.  (Repeat) HISTORY
01:01 AM
"Enter the Negotiator"  Mike tackles two projects in Iowa; Frank and Dave try to buy an ultra-rare cycle car in Florida.  (Repeat) HISTORY
02:01 AM
"The Pickin' or the Egg"  A Maine homestead exposes six generations of secrets; NASCAR legend Ryan Newman shows that when it comes to negotiating, he's just as tough as Danielle.  (Repeat) HISTORY
03:04 AM
"California Gold Mine"  Mike and Frank tail a vintage steam car to an auto shop where they uncover an acre of unbelievable junk; the guys meet a man who has built himself a rustic little Western town and filled it with amazing stuff.  (Repeat) HISTORY
06:00 PM
"Knuckleheads"  A sprawling warehouse and overstuffed semi trailers on Kevin's New England property; a former racecar driver with an amazing collection of automotive artifacts; a sprawling Harley Davidson honey hole.  (Repeat) HISTORY
07:00 PM
"Virginia Is for Pickers"  Mike, Frank, Robbie and Danielle hit the road and look for deals in the state of Virginia.  (Repeat) HISTORY
12:00 PM
"Back Breaker"  Mike has injured his back but can't afford to take time off to recuperate; the guys make a big mistake while exploring a 92-year-old Iowa farmer's collection; the guys counsel a prolific collector from Ohio who is reluctant to part with a jukebox.  (Repeat) HISTORY
01:00 PM
"Super Scooter"  Mike and Frank use a motorcycle sidecar part found earlier to help close the deal on a rare Vespa Ape scooter; Mike meets the "Goat Man," whose collection of buses is buried under weeds; a collector with 32 tractors and farming memorabilia.  (Repeat) HISTORY
02:00 PM
"Getting the Boot"  In Kansas, the guys pick through a promising farmyard, but are frustrated when they find nothing to buy; a demolition expert ponders selling a rare grave marker and a giant boot; Junior's oilcan collection comes at a high price.  (Repeat) HISTORY
03:00 PM
"Automotive Archaeology"  The guys head to Michigan hoping to strike automotive gold; Brian's sprawling auction house; Jim's collection of original automotive advertising art; Tony's collection of old car and gas station memorabilia; Mike makes a deal with a museum curator.  (Repeat) HISTORY
American Pickers

``American Pickers,'' a companion to History's popular series ``Pawn Stars,'' follows childhood friends Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, antiques collectors who travel the U.S. looking for rare artifacts and national treasures.

Current cast
Mike Wolfe Frank Fritz

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